• Dog washed in a tub and another one wrapped with a Siccaro WetDog drying robe
  • bulldog wearing the SICCARO WetDog Spirit outdoor dog coat
  • Dog in Siccaro WetDog drying robe lying on a FlexDog Mat set on a couch


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From passion to innovation

Our mission is to improve the lives of animals by creating products that assist their owners to face their daily challenges. 


SICCARO's founder Lissen Marschall has always been an avid animal lover, surrounded by horses and dogs as a child, it is no surprise that her father is the famous inventor of the "Buster" cone guard collar. Originally Lissen created a super absorbent textile for hairdressing called Wet2Dry, but with animal care in her heart, she soon discovered that it was a brilliant solution to quickly dry her dog. The Supreme Pro dog drying robe is the world's best, because it can get your dog 90% dry in 15 minutes while they rest or play. Purchase Supreme Pro risk free, with 30 days money-back guarantee

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alfie bear wearing siccaro supreme pro dog drying coat standing in the rock
litte dog in Siccaro WetDog drying robe jumping with the dog owner

The SICCARO Collection

Many individuals, breeders, trainers and families love using the SICCARO range of products, because they function well and are designed to look great on your dog. Because SICCARO products are well designed, once your dog gets wet and dirty, you can now spend less time drying and cleaning up. This ultimately means that you can spend more time having fun with your dog.

Because we have used antibacterial bamboo fabrics, SICCARO products won’t absorb the ‘wet dog’ smell like regular towels do and our products only need to be washed after multiple uses. Simply hang to dry after using. When laundering is necessary, they can be machine washed at 40 degrees and line-dried or easily tumble-dried afterwards.

You can choose from our SICCARO Supreme Pro WetDog for a drying and warming dog (and even cat) robe for office, home and car use.

If you’re outside whilst also getting your dog dry, the Spirit WetDog is the perfect solution as it provides water repellence and wind protection on the coated outer layer to also keep them warm.

Our FlexDog Mat is covered with the same highly absorbent bamboo viscose blend as the WetDog, which means that it is the perfect dog mat for everyday home use, in the car after wet walks and swims, after a bath or use in a cargo crate where the unique shock absorbent honey comb inner will guard them from bumps. Lastly, the DryGloves are the perfect accompaniment for your SICCARO set to give ears, tail and paws that final dry off or even as a quick solution for drying shorter haired dogs, cats and any other smaller animal after a bath or swim. The DryGloves are also compact which means they can be stored in the car or easily carried in your bag.

Siccaro Innovation for Dogs and Horses

Is SICCARO for Me?

SICCARO is for everyone who has a dog (or even cat) that gets wet. Simple as that. Many dogs love a swim, wallowing in the mud, jumping in wet ditches or splashing in paddling pools, fountains, ponds or just taking a walk outside whilst it’s raining. It’s only natural! The only problem is once they get home or back to the car, they rub themselves all over the walls, the car upholstery and even onto you. We know that they just want to get dry but sometimes it’s at the expense of your car, home and clothing.
The SICCARO Supreme Pro and FlexDog Mat are an investment that you will realise you always needed. It will save you hours of cleaning dog hair off your car seats and having your passengers deal with the wet dog smell. After bath-time it’s an indispensible tool that helps your dog stay calm and your home stay dry. Click on our product range above to find out more.

labrador wearing Siccaro WetDog drying robe

If you have a dog that enjoys a swim, getting wet outdoors, frolicking in the rain or can't sit still long enough to be dried after bath time then a SICCARO Supreme Pro drying robe is the perfect pet care tool for you.

Price from £89

SICCARO’s vision is to improve the lives of animals by creating products that assist their owners to face their daily challenges.

By creating high level animal care tools for humans, we envision that we can strengthen the relationships between owners and their animals.

We aim to work with dedicated people who make high demands of SICCARO and the products that we deliver, so that we can continue to produce and develop the best. This constant drive to create the best is what makes it enjoyable and challenging to work in this field. We also feel privileged and motivated to hear the enthusiasm and great feedback from our customers about our products. The ongoing feedback from our customers is our true measure of success.

The leader and founder of SICCARO, Lissen Marschall, has many feathers in her hat, having been an actor, professional singer, jeweller and entrepreneur amongst others. Quality pet care products are a family legacy as she is also the daughter of the famous Peter Marschall who conceived the world famous protective "Buster" cone collar called.

Lissen originally invented this unique viscose textile for use in the hair-care industry and being passionate about animals she also realised the potential in the pet industry when a friend asked to use some of the fabric to dry her two large poodles. An idea was born and shortly after, the first WetDog, Supreme Pro drying dog robe was created, followed by the Spirit dog drying coat with the help of many hunters who had quickly adopted it for their wet gundogs. A horse range was also created along with many more concepts for animals and dogs since then. SICCARO products are constantly evolving and developing, which means that there are new things constantly in the pipeline. Please join our journey via our email list or on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and photos.

At SICCARO we strive to create products that will last for the life of your beloved friend. We have repeatedly tried and tested our whole range on a variety of dogs big and small, calm and playful. As a result, we strive to make the best quality animal care products on the market.

Our products are made using a soft environmentally conscious blend of viscose and organic bamboo in order to make your dog feel happy, cosy and dry. This special viscose textile has been specially created for our SICCARO Supreme Pro, Spirit, DryGloves and FlexDog Mat which means there is no other product on the market that will match the same high level of absorbency as Siccaro products.
The ClickLock has been uniquely designed with easy use for people young and old, and you can easily operate it with gloves on or in the cold.

We produce our range of products within Europe to comply with our own high standards of production and the high level of quality we require for our own animals and those of our valued customers.

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