What is Wet2Dry technology?

Two layers of tech fabric

At the core of our dog robes is Wet2Dry® technology: two layers that work together to absorb water from the dog's coat and expel it. In Supreme Pro, both layers are made of a carefully designed viscose blend: the inner layer is hollow fibre and outer layer is terry towel. In Wet2Dry tech we use a viscose blend originating from organic bamboo pulp.

Materials optimized for absorbency

Due to the properties of viscose fibre, it picks up and retains a lot of water which makes it the first choice for products that require absorbency, like medical or hygiene products. Treated in the right way, it also becomes machine washable which allows for multiple uses .

Terry towel is that very familiar fabric with many loops that trap and hold water. Viscose, as opposed to cotton, has antibacterial and antifungal properties: so viscose terry towel helps drastically reduce the wet dog smell.

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Conceived and tested at Siccaro

Developed at Siccaro after 3 years of research, the double-layer Wet2Dry fabric can absorb over 7 times it’s own weight in water!

Helps cut back on synthetic material and microplastics

Viscose is made of pulp of plant origin. When it degrades, is does not yield any microplastics.

Effective yet breathable

Wet2Dry is breathable: allows moisture to evaporate instead of trapping it inside.

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