Siccaro Horse range has been designed with an equestrian passion to ensure optimum riding performance and the best care for your horse.

Siccaro’s horse range is designed with the highest grade technical materials, and a drive to bring you the latest innovations in horse equipment. We have designed 2 saddle pads that are non slip, light weight, shock absorbent and allow maximum air flow to reduce dampness beneath the saddle. The AirPad™ ICE is a minimal yet durable saddle pad, which enables close contact between you and your horse. The FlexPad™ features an ingenious support system enabling you to insert support padding where needed. Finally the Cocoon ICE™ horse cooling rug is made from a newly invented heat conductive bamboo fabric. The natural bamboo fibre is impregnated with charcoal to both absorb water and hold the heat from the horse and enable regulated cooling.


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