You have just made the right choice! Puppy training should be the first on your list of priorities. Yes, accessories, dog mats, beds, and dog treats are important too. However, training a pup is essential to raising a well-mannered and well-behaved canine companion in the future.

Do not make the same mistake other dog owners did; those who spend little to no time in thinking about what to teach to their puppy. When you train a dog, you reinforce a biological necessity. You get to control destructive behaviours such as aggression towards other dogs and people, as well as, chewing and biting. As you train, you get to become that strong and powerful pack leader your pup needs.



Is your puppy fresh from the pet store? Being excited is fine. Your mind is right now running wild about all the fun stuff you are about to do. However, you must commence your training right away.

When you want to learn how to train a puppy. The first thing that you need to do is to know what you should teach your pup first. The ones listed below will help you have a head start.

  • Siccaro Remember that you have to arrange your puppy’s daily routines first. These would include the locations of water and food, mealtimes, and other activities done throughout the day.

  • Siccaro You must also teach your dog words that are important. These cue words could either be ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Stop’, and ‘Good’. Do this when your pup reaches the age of 2-3 months.

  • Siccaro Avoid giving food treats when you train. Somehow, this may encourage negative behaviour as this appears to be a bribe. There is a proper way to reinforce good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. You will learn more about this later in the article.

  • Siccaro Start with respect training. This is an approach where you show your pup that you are the leader of the pack.

puppy training


You might be wondering why this is on the list when, in fact, this should be natural for a first-time dog owner. Picking a name for your puppy should have been an easy task that needs no reminders. However, a lot of pet owners, actually do not think things through when naming pets.

When naming dogs, you have to consider a short yet strong sounding name. It has to end with a consonant in order to make an emphasis. This way, you get to perk up those puppy ears when giving out commands. Examples of such are Jack, Ginger, and Jasper.


If your dog is just new to your home. Make sure that it feels comfortable by placing a warm water bottle and a ticking clock near its sleeping area. In this way, you get to simulate the heartbeat and heat of other mates in the litter. This will most certainly help the puppy adjust to a new home environment.


Before bringing home the new pet, you have to come up with the things that it can and cannot do. Get other members of the family involved to avoid confusion in the future. On the other hand, decide where your dog is going to sleep. This will be its own private quarters and should not be shared with other pets.

Ensure that your dog’s private den is comfortable and away from noises that might disturb its sleep. Avoid beds that harbour bacteria and promote mould growth. Instead, go for the ultimate solution to your doggy problems. The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is specially made from organic materials. This is guaranteed to prevent strong odours and is highly breathable. Soft and free from dust mites and parasites, your puppy will sure have a good night’s rest.


One way a puppy learns from its owners is through consistency. When you are consistent and your pup sees the connection between its actions and your reaction, this will give it an impression that it is doing something right. Thus, you have to motivate your little canine companion by acting like a leader. Your pup will naturally obey you since it is more than willing to please you.



Treats are not all that bad. You still can use these whenever you are training your pup new skills. However, this becomes a form of a bribe for good behaviour when overused. Always use positive reinforcement such as a praise, afternoon walks, belly rubs, and other forms of affection. These actions will surely encourage good behaviour.



Puppies are not spiteful creatures. They may misbehave at times. Biting, chewing furniture, and chasing small animals may get to your nerves. But always remember that you have to be patient. Learn how to discourage bad behaviour the right way.

  • Siccaro Never use fear as a punishment. You will be raising a sad and anxious dog in the future if you keep on doing this.

  • Siccaro Hitting your pup is highly discouraged. Not only will this hurt your lovely canine, this will also leave a deep emotional scar.

  • Siccaro Correct bad habits by saying ‘No’ in an authoritarian tone. When your dog follows your command, make sure that you immediately reward this words of praise and affirmation.

  • Siccaro Give praises, hugs, and other forms of positive reinforcement to encourage your doggy in doing what you deem is good. When they feel that you appreciate what they are doing, they will surely do it again.

  • Siccaro Be consistent when giving reinforcement. For example, if your dog barks at you when it wants to play ball. You have to tell it to ‘sit’ first. Before you throw the ball, exclaim ‘good boy/girl’ to encourage such behaviour.


As much as possible, you have to schedule training sessions with your dog. Not only do you get to be consistent, this also serves as a motivation for your pup to do better. Allot a few minutes of your day in puppy training and you will surely reap the rewards.

Training puppies early on in their lives do have a great effect. It may take time to happen but the rewards as definitely huge. Think about having an awesome canine companion beside you.

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