Are you looking for dog training tips? If you are a first-time owner, it is quite understandable that you sometimes feel that adopting a dog was a mistake. The nightly yelping, chewing, biting, and barking could get on your nerves. However, you must not give up on your newfound canine companion.

Once you have signed the adoption papers, you have already sealed your fate. You are an official dog-owner and you have the responsibility to take care and love your dog. Do not worry. Just like any relationship, you have to be patient for it to grow and flourish. The following will show you how you are going to mould your pup into a well-disciplined and well-mannered dog that it should be.



You must have seen lots of new pet owners who just buy or adopt without even dedicating a little time for training. It is quite sad that these people expect their new family members to learn things on their own. As often said my many dog trainers, this “whatever works” approach actually never works.

Do not be a lazy dog owner. Do not just leave your dog and expect it to change behaviourally. Stand up and know what your dog is like. Learn its personality by reading more about its breed.

There are tons of books on breeds that you can read. There you will learn the different personalities each breed has, and how you are going to deal with bad habits. Once you have learned about your dog’s breed and its specifics, you can now strategise for a well-calculated approach on how to train a dog the right way.

  • Siccaro What not to do with a puppy
    You have to remember that age is a major factor in training. If you have a puppy, fear should not be a reinforcement or you will be raising an anxious and scared canine. What you need to do is to shower the pup with love and affection.

  • Siccaro What not to do with an adolescent dog
    However, if you have an adolescent pup – around 7 to 9 months old. It will start testing you just like human teenagers do. Spoiling your dog will definitely not work. On the other hand, shock collars do work but have negative effects. What you can do is to positively reinforce good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour.

  • Siccaro What not to do with an adult dog
    Have you ever heard people say, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks”? This might discourage you from adopting adult dogs. However, this old adage may not be exactly true. You still can teach adult dogs new skills. All it takes is patience – lots of it. And the right dog training method that is right for your dog.



Be open for a whirlwind of experiences when you own a dog for the first time. Literally, you will become a parent. Hence, to be proud of your pup in the future, these are some things that you must do to raise it right.

  1. Siccaro Cultivate trust in the relationship
    Spend time with your new pet. As much as possible, you have to establish routines in order to build a stronger bond with your dog.

  2. Siccaro Introduce your dog to people
    Take the opportunity to introduce your new pup to people. You may do this during afternoon walks or during a visit to the park. Let your dog meet your friends, neighbours, and family.

  3. Siccaro Choose the right kind of food
    Feed your canine companion the right kind of food. This is crucial since a dog’s diet can affect its mental and physical development. Trainability is compromised if a dog is undernourished or obese.

  4. Siccaro Know which training option is right
    Start training from the first day. By doing this, you are starting off on the right foot as a responsible pet owner. However, before you begin, decide what training language and methods you are going to use. Also, decide where the dog’s stuff will be and what restrictions will be put in place.

  5. Siccaro Decide if your dog needs a trainer
    As a dog-owner, you have to decide whether you can handle this alone or you need the help of a professional dog trainer. Consider someone who has the same dog ethics and philosophy as you do.

  6. Siccaro Have your dog socialise
    Dogs are social animals. Thus, they need a lot of socialising to remain mentally balanced. Bring your lovely canine to recreational parks and places where there are other dogs. Do this when your pup is about 3 to 12 weeks of age.

  7. Siccaro Select a veterinarian
    Lastly, it is your responsibility to choose a veterinarian specialist for your dog. If you are serious about raising a dog the right way, put your dog’s health in the list of your priorities.



Before you start with any approaches to hound training. You have to take note of these dog training tips first.

  • Siccaro Pay attention to what your dog might mean
    When training your dog. You must listen to what it might say. Discontinue if you feel that your dog is not comfortable with the routine or approach. Forcing your pet to do what you want will only result in a much bigger problem eventually.

  • Siccaro Provide with lots of love and affection
    It could be easy to point out at your dog’s flaws. Be forgiving and patient instead. As a pet-owner, you have to be generous when showing affection to your new canine companion. Know when is the right time to praise your pup in whatever way you can.

  • Siccaro Know what your dog likes
    Study what your dog likes. Although all dogs love treats, some dogs are quite selective. Some might prefer those that are soft and chewy. On the other hand, some have their eyes set on the crunchy ones.

  • Siccaro Show or tell what you want your dog to do
    Do not just say ‘no’ to your dog all the time. It is still better that you tell your dog what to do instead of just disagreeing. On the other hand, do not over-generalise the actions your canine companion makes. This may mean otherwise.

  • Siccaro Be consistent always
    When training your dog. It is quite crucial to get other family members involved in the process. Inconsistencies in commands and cues will only confuse your dog.

  • Siccaro Set realistic goals
    Moulding your pup’s behaviour may take time. You just have to be realistic when it comes to setting up goals and expectations.

  • Siccaro Never disregard proper diet
    As much as possible, you have to feed your canine high-grade food. It has to have the right portions of protein, fat, and other essential nutrients. These are needed for the growth and development of your pup.

  • Siccaro Observe for reinforced behaviour
    Whenever your dog exhibits negative behaviour, it is most likely that you this has been reinforced before. Watching for changes in behaviour and taking notes will ensure training success.

  • Siccaro Reward over bribe
    Treats are often perceived as a form of bribe for the dog. It may be fun; however, you can also make use of positive reinforcement. Let every interaction between you and your pup be a learning opportunity. Aside from treats, you can also reinforce with patting, belly-rubbing, walks, praise, and games to encourage good behaviour.

  • Siccaro Set limits
    Do not immediately grant your dog an access to all parts of your house. It is a common error to instantly let your dog roam throughout the house. This may only lead to destructive behaviour such as chewing and even accidents. Instead, close off portions of the house and put restrictions or off-limits sections for your pup.

These dog training tips will surely be all worth trying. If you are serious about training your dog, ensuring that all aspects covered will guarantee success. On the one hand, prioritise your pup’s comfort by making certain that it stays dry and fresh-smelling throughout the day. With an excellent textile technology, the Supreme Pro WetDog drying robe is great for playful and energetic dogs who love the outdoors. This even comes in 7 different sizes.

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