dog is a man’s best friend

The saying, “dog is a man’s best friend” is a quote that can’t be replicated with many other domestic pets. Humans and dogs have lived side by side, working, living and having fun together for millennia. The exciting thing is that societal norms are evolving and the common practice of having a strict office and social schedule are changing, leaving more room for your dog to accompany you in your day to day life.

Studies are furthermore proving that the value of a dog in the office, in therapy and in other places such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and hospitals significantly improves the well being of people there. Dogs after all, are pack animals and it’s only natural that they will want to join you on your daily journey around and about.

If you are keen to have a dog that is integrated into your every day life, it is also beneficial to invest in some well made, engineered and compact dog care equipment which will help your dog feel at home, wherever they are. With Siccaro FlexDog Mat and our drying WetDog robe and WetDog Hunter jacket, you and your dog will always be prepared for any arising event in your busy schedule.

What is the Best Way to Travel with my Dog?

It’s important that you get from A to B safely with your dog and ensuring that your furry best friend is safe whilst in transit is essential. First of all, if you would like to lead a lifestyle with a social dog at your side, then it’s a good idea that they get used to it from when they first come into your world.

Some dogs ride in the back of a utility truck on their way to work with their owners, some ride on the front seat of the car. It’s important to check your local safety guidelines most importantly so that your dog is safe and also so that you don’t get fined. Especially if your dog rides in a utility truck, on a motor cycle or bicycle with you to work you will need them in a cage.

Essential tools for a companion dog are:

  • Siccaro icon A labelled collar (in case they escape or get lost)

  • Siccaro icon An adequate harness if riding in the car

  • Siccaro icon A good quality lead are essential to give short toilet break walks when you’re out and about

  • Siccaro icon A well made portable Dog Mat such as the Siccaro FlexDog Mat

In order for your dog to feel secure and comfortable in a cage, it is best to use the shock absorbent Siccaro FlexDog Mat inside because the inner 3D foam will reduce impact on bumpy roads. The FlexDog Mat is also great to place on the car seat underneath the dog so that your seats are protected from shedding and dog odour. It also gives that little bit of extra comfort and relaxation in the car on the ride to work.

dog hugged by a woman

Caring for Your Dog at Your Workplace or Outing

Many office workplaces these days see the wonderful benefits of their employees bringing their dogs to work. The feeling of having a quick break to walk or pat your dog has been proven to lower stress levels significantly. What better way to get the best performance out of your work team, than to allow them the luxury of having their favourite pet around?!

Once you’ve arrived at your workplace, you want to get straight into the task at hand instead of fussing with your dog. Making sure they have a quick walk outside so that they can go to the toilet is a great idea and making sure some water or a snack is available is important so that they feel comfortable and won’t bother you at inconvenient times. The FlexDog Mat is a wonderful help to dog owners on the go as it doubles as a dog bed for when your dog is having a sleep or rest during the working day instead of the cold floor.

When you get to work, you can simply pull it out of the car or cage and place it on the ground near you and your dog has the perfect resting place. It is so important that your dog knows they can relax in their designated place whilst you attend to your duties. This light weight, foldable and multipurpose mat saves you having to buy two dog beds and also doubles as a car protector and cage liner for your dog.


Social Outings for your Dog

If you have a social dog, then you are well aware that it’s not just the office where you want to take your lovely furry friend. Many cafes, restaurants, friends houses, barbeques, picnics and even holidays destinations are enjoying the benefits of making dogs and dog owners welcome. So now there are limited excuses for leaving your four legged companion behind!

If you are visiting a friend, going to a party where dogs are welcome or even staying at a dog friendly hotel for a night, you can simply bring your FlexDog Mat along with you in the car or cage. Your dog will be grateful that his treasured bed is there and it will help him rest peacefully and easily because it will have his familiar scent with it.

Making sure your FlexDog Mat is socially acceptable when out and about is a piece of cake. Many dog mats will tend to smell after a while and are difficult to launder. The FlexDog Mat is incredibly easy to wash at 40 degrees Celsius in the washing machine. An added bonus is that it will not hold onto odour causing bacteria like other dog beds, because the organic bamboo outer fabric has antibacterial properties meaning that it will be welcome wherever you go with your beloved dog.


Interested in Siccaro for your Companion Dog?

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active by nature

Living an Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Dog

Many people who are retired or aren’t working full time may have the luxury of living an outdoor lifestyle with their dogs. Along with many construction trades, personal trainers are also now often working outdoors frequently beside the beach or at parks. There’s no excuse to be keeping your wonderful dog at home if you fit into this category.

wonderful dog at home if you fit into this category. It’s a great idea to keep some equipment to quickly dry your dog in your car, truck or other mode of transport in case your dog decides to take a swim or run through long, wet grass. Dog owners know well what it’s like for their dog to unexpectedly take a quick dip in a puddle, pond or fountain or what it’s like to be on a walk when a sudden downpour occurs, you end up with a very happy, yet wet dog and often smelly dog. For shorter breeds or toy breeds, a quick rub down with the Siccaro DryGloves may be all you need to get the excess moisture off before hopping into the car. These work quickly and easily to get your dog dry before hopping into the car. They are light weight, compact and great if you want something in hotter climates that will dry quickly and not hold that wet dog smell, as the antibacterial outer fabric will keep terrible smells at bay.

Longer haired dogs will soak up a lot of water in their coats and can sometimes shed a great deal when wet too. By storing a Siccaro WetDog fast drying coat in your car or other transport, you can be sure that you, your car and belongings will not also get wet and smelly. The WetDog drying robe will wrap around your dog quickly and easily making sure he’s getting dry quickly and not transferring her smell elsewhere.

During the Day With Your Dog

Taking frequent walks and breaks during the day when at work is a great way to decrease stress and improve overall health. Most dogs are quite active by nature so you will want to take her out for walks at lunch or when the time permits. Exploring new areas and sniffing out other dogs is wonderful fun and they will enjoy exploring new surroundings immensely.

But what if it’s wet or cold outside and my dog still needs to be walked? If it’s a rainy day, it’s difficult to keep a dog under an umbrella, but most dogs won’t mind a little rain. The only problem is that when you get back to the office, you now have a wet and potentially smelly dog as water is known to release many odours from a dog’s fur once it is wet. It may become terribly embarrassing and uncomfortable if your dog is running around, jumping onto people and making the office muddy and smelling of wet dog.

The best solution is to simply click on your Siccaro Wet Dog fast drying robe after they have shaken most of the moisture off outside. The robe will protect you from your dog running about and spreading moisture throughout the workplace. Or if you know it will be wet outside, an alternative is to have your dog wear the Siccaro WetDog Hunter jacket before taking a walk. The water resistant outer layer and super absorbent inner layer will keep your dog dry and warm on colder days.

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