An Expert Guide:
Caring For Your Dog’s Coat

There’s nothing quite like the nerves before competing in a dog show and then going on to win a ribbon and qualify for a major prize. Conformation shows, breed shows and other types of dog shows are a wonderful way to show the world the beauty and care that you put into your dog. If you have a gorgeous purebred, then you know all too well the wonderful benefits of putting that extra care into your handsome dog and how good it makes the both of you feel.

Dog shows are such a wonderful way for you and your dog to bond, travel and meet other dogs and their owners. For owners and breeders alike, by winning titles, you can enjoy the benefits of having a dog that is sought after and potentially lucrative for breeding. Ensuring that your dog is healthy through food and exercise is essential, but of course the ultimate competitive advantage is through a great grooming regimen.

Having great tools for grooming and for exercising your purebred or cross bred dog is incredibly important to serious dog breeders, owners and handlers. In this text we will talk about the benefits of good grooming and assess some of the best equipment that even dog salon owners now swear by for helping them achieve beautiful results when grooming their dogs.

Smooth, Long and Flowing Dog Coats

According to Afghan Hound, Maltese and Shih Tzu breeders, it is imperative to keep long, flowing dog coats extremely clean to ensure that they retain lighter colours and shininess. This means that bathing twice a week is important, sometimes even three times per week if they are active and like to run outdoors a lot.

Protecting your dog’s long coat in cooler months is easy, simply by tucking their furnishings into a good quality dog coat before heading outside. Don’t do this if it’s a hot day unless the WetDog robe is cooled and dampened with a litte water which will help cool them down if they are running about. A jacket such as the Siccaro WetDog robe or Hunter can be a great help with this task as it provides great coverage and even drops down the hind legs.

Use good quality brushes, combs, shampoos and conditioners to keep their coats ultimately shiny and knot free by brushing their coat and re-doing their top-knots daily.

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Hairless Dogs

Keeping a hairless dog clean is quite simple and easy, but it should be done regularly to keep parasites, fungal and bacterial issues off the skin. Many owners like to use products to condition and moisturise, yet this can cause an excess of oils which can lead to problems on the skin so it’s not highly recommended.

Keeping hairless dog breeds warm in the winter is important obviously. But using a good quality jacket so that their skin doesn’t get dry and flaky in harsh winds such as the Siccaro WetDog Hunter is a great solution. It protects from harsh elements and is one of the only jackets on the market which guards the neck and hind legs from cold whilst also being water repellent.



Keep your dog clean and neat with regular bathing with quality shampoos and conditioners. Be sure never to rub the products against the hair direction, always with. Your short haired dog will always look neat with regular trimming, especially around the neck and feet and ensure that nails are shortly clipped. Jack Russels, Daschunds, Beagles and Dalmations all love a good, regular brush down to remove shedding hairs and, of course, your home will be cleaner if they don’t deposit their dead hairs through the house.



Huskies, Newfoundland, Samoyed and Alaskan Malamutes need a lot of love and care to ensure their undercoats are kept as beautiful as the outer coat. This includes regular grooming and brushing so that loose hairs from their under layer are removed and kept clean.

A great idea can be to remove the excess moisture of the undercoat by soaking up a good deal using a highly absorbent Siccaro WetDog robe for the first 10 minutes to get out the heavy wetness and then proceed with using a non heated blow dry setting and brushing out the shed hair. Next, to get that full volume in the coat, blow dry in sections brushing it out to get the thick, standing up fur that is so handsome and desirable. Good brushes and shampoos are a must, especially with white varieties that will show dirt more easily.


Wiry and Curly Coats

When bathing your curly dog, ensure all knots or mats are removed first and then go ahead with the bathing of your dog. This is because it is ultimately impossible to untangle knots once they are wet because they agitate and shrink (like wool in a warm washing machine). Furnishings on both curly and wire coats need to be kept clean. Keeping a wiry coat well brushed will help make it shiny and keep out fleas and other parasites.

It isn’t hugely necessary to blow dry these coats, especially if you want them to retain the natural curls. A good quality dog drying coat such as the Siccaro WetDog will both help to remove the bulk of moisture, whilst holding the curls close to the body and thus, enabling a better curl to form. Putting a light weight leave-in conditioner onto the coat before putting a drying jacket on can also be helpful provided that you ‘scrunch’ the curls so that they have a chance to form nicely whilst drying with the assistance of the WetDog jacket. Once the bulk of the moisture is absorbed by the WetDog drying jacket, air drying the remainder is fine.

If you are heading out for a walk with a freshly bathed dog in winter months then a coat such as the Siccaro WetDog Hunter can help both the curls remain clean which is fantastic for lighter dogs and also guard against the cold or rain. Using a spray bottle to keep the curls tight and moist can be a handy hint also.

Komondor and Puli – Corded Coat

If you are the lucky owner of one of these unique and beautiful dogs then you know the level of care it takes to maintain a well kept and nicely corded coat. Establishing the cords can be done when the dog is around 9-10 months and they should be twisted and formed by using very small movements to agitate the fur and cause what is effectively a small dreadlock or matted tube of hair. Once you have longer cords then regular bathing, separating the cords and trimming excess is important. Be really careful when doing this, especially around the ears and tail where skin is sensitive and could be torn. If a corded coat is clean and healthy, free of parasites and well maintained, then it will grow well.

The bathing process can take a while because you have to gently use a weak ‘low suds’ shampoo and work it into the coat. Be careful not to rub too much and cause further knotting like gently washing a woollen top. Then you must rinse, rinse and rinse again to get all the soap out. If you leave excess product in the coat, the dog will scratch and could rip out the cords or cause undesired matting. When you are done, it is important to squeeze out as much moisture as possible and then the tricky part is to get your dog not to move too much as this will make the cords mat together.

Drying: as mentioned it’s important that the dog doesn’t move about too much, but as we all know, it’s incredibly exciting for a dog to run about after his bath. The Siccaro WetDog bath robe is an amazing new invention for corded Pulis and Komondors because you can gather up the cords, inside the coat and get them to stay relatively undisturbed whilst the coat sucks out the water. Otherwise, many owners have to crate their dogs along with a tonne of towels to get them dry. Using a professional stand dryer can also be a good option if you want to make that investment. A Siccaro WetDog Hunter jacket is also great if you are going for a walk in the woods or nature where it may be wet or muddy to keep the coat clean and tidy. It also has amazing drying properties and can easily soak up water if your dog has just been for a swim and needs to head into the car, saving you from having wet seats.


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Other Tips for Great Looking Dogs

Salon owners are raving about the great benefits of having a FlexDog Mat to groom their dogs on. The dogs have a great purchase and don’t slide around so that the dog can stay stable and upright whilst you groom. The mat itself soaks up oodles of water, which is fantastic for a freshly bathed wet dog and it also doubles as a shock absorbent cage or crate liner so they have maximum protection when in transit. It is also a great idea if you have a wet dog in the car as it will protect the car seats from shedding or any wet dog odour after they have just been for a swim.

A good diet is one of the most important things for a good looking, healthy and beautiful coat. Choose protein rich foods, high in natural fats from reputable dog food suppliers and or of course create your own food mix for your dog.

Using the most premium quality dog shampoos and conditioners, especially if your dogs coat is long is essential. This is an area not to be stingy with, a great quality shampoo or conditioning product will mean the difference between a lustrous or dull coat and will also help with knotting and matting of the hair. You can either apply conditioners to wet or slightly dry coats depending on your experience and preference.

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