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with humans for millennia

Dogs have lived side by side with humans for millennia, working, living, playing and surviving together to ultimately enrich each other’s lives for the better. There are no nobler dogs, than service dogs whom provide assistance to those who lack vision, hearing or have other disabilities and illnesses. Some people not only rely on these dogs to operate on a daily basis but they also rely on them in some instances to survive.

The main types of service dogs that people are familiar with are Guide Dogs that assist with visual impairment, and Hearing Dogs that assist those with hearing impairment. There are many other types of service dogs that can assist with a variety of health issues. Some examples include providing assistance to people in wheelchairs, people who have mental health issues such as autism, seizures and balance issues and there are now even dogs that can diagnose low blood sugar levels on a person’s breath.

It is important to invest in good quality and thoughtfully made products to help you, in turn, to care for your dog. At Siccaro we have specially designed, tested and patented our own special clip for use on our WetDog range of fast drying and warmth coats. This clip is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, which means that those who are suffering with vision impairment and physical problems will have an easier time caring for their dogs using our products.

service dog pulling on the sleeve of a blue shirt worn by a man on a wheelchair

Kinds of Service Dogs

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs or Seeing Eye dogs, as they are sometimes known as in the US are dogs that have been specially trained to assist visually impaired people when moving about so that they avoid colliding with objects and help navigate. They also give cues as to when someone should stop at a curb or steps and also give assistance when dealing with traffic amongst helping with many other daily tasks.

The U-shaped handle of the harness allows the dog to receive directional signals from the human partner and together they negotiate their way in unison. Interestingly, guide dogs are so well trained that they will purposefully disobey when they know that their owners orders will lead them into danger.

There are many incredible things that guide dogs are trained to do from small puppies that regular house dogs will never learn. For example a common question is how do blind people clean up after their dogs? Guide dogs are specially trained to let their owners know when they need to relieve themselves or they are able to hold until their designated time or place is reached. They will also be able to go about their business whilst their owner is holding onto the harness which most regular dogs would not be able to do.

Hearing Dogs and Other Service Dogs

Hearing dogs are able to alert their owners to many dangers or important signals that people with hearing loss would not necessarily be aware of. These include alarms, ringing telephones, door bells and crying babies amongst many other things. Other service dogs as mentioned, include service mobility dogs. Service Mobility dogs specifically help people who are in wheelchairs or have a level of mobility impairment or suffer from balance or strength issues by helping their owners to move, get and do a wide variety of things. Caring for hearing dogs is much easier for their owners, as visual cues given by the dogs are a lot easier to recognise. This means that grooming, toilet maintenance and bath time is not as challenging as for those with sight impairment. For Service Dogs who are assisting those with physical or even psychological conditions, it can be a more difficult task to bathe and groom their dogs when it is necessary.

As reported by the Service Dogs for America organisation, all working dogs need daily nurturing, play and exercise: “The mobility assistance dog who finds a human partner that is consistent in training, is willing to motivate and praise and set aside time for daily fun and genuine affection, is the dog who often works the hardest.” It’s important to invest in well designed and considered care tools for your guide, hearing or service dog so that taking care of them is an easy, efficient and simple which is what we, at Siccaro have in mind with our pet care range.


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Exercise and play is a crucial relaxation and bonding time with your service dog. After all, these are dogs who work day in day out, for the enjoyment of your company and the great feeling of accomplishment and appreciation at the end of the day. Many dogs have been trained from an early age to play fetch or other games, but many Labradors and Golden Retrievers love nothing more than a good swim in a pond, beach, water filled ditch or puddle. It’s fine for them to dry naturally during warmer months, but if you’re getting back into a car or vehicle, it can be a huge help to wrap your dog in a fast drying WetDog robe so that their wet or damp fur doesn’t make the car upholstery smell and this also limits shedding fur in the car.

If you will be exercising your dog in the sleet or cold rain, you will need a lightweight dog jacket that is easy to put on and is water resistant. The Siccaro WetDog Hunter also features our specially designed, ergonomic clips which allow you to clip it on your dog quickly and easily so that fuss is minimised and you can get outside and play or walk together.


Bathing and Grooming Guide Dogs or Service Dogs

Although it’s not necessary to wash a dog weekly, grooming and physical attention is highly beneficial for the well being and happiness of a service dog. Weekly or even daily brushing for breeds such as golden retrievers is not only a bonding treat for your dog, but it is a great way to minimise shedding fur and remove excess fur in hot weather. A good walk or swim is also a lovely treat for a hard working dog.

If your service dog enjoys swimming or bathing time, but you are physically less abled or find it hard to see, it can be rather tricky to get them dry fumbling about with towels. It’s important to ensure that your dog is dry beneath their harness, so that they don’t gather bacteria, which can lead to skin irritation and bad odour. Using a specially designed fast drying jacket such as the Siccaro WetDog drying robe or the WetDog Hunter, you will be able to allow them to dry well without hassle. You can then put their harness on top of the WetDog coat if you are going outdoors in cold weather soon afterwards.

In order to bathe your dog in a similarly easy manner, simply rub the dog down with a pH neutral dog shampoo and rinse off the dog with a shower head, hose or using smaller buckets. Once they are cleaned, allow them to shake off excess water naturally and then clip on the Siccaro WetDog drying robe. The outer textile is organic and antibacterial, and whole thing can be easily washed and tumble dried when needed. The clips, as mentioned, are large and simple to operate for those who have dexterity issues. If you are well enabled to wash and dry, a great and quick method of drying for shorter haired breeds is the rapid absorption of the Siccaro DryGloves which will also quickly dry your dog in no time.

Dog Care for Older Family Members or Those with Disabilities

What better time, than your golden years to enjoy the love and indulgence of a dog companion? It is incredibly beneficial for humans to enjoy the emotional companionship of a canine friend. Caring for each other creates a unique bond that is treasured and trusted.

Yet, the common issue of bathing and grooming is increasingly challenging as your strength decreases or your joints become stiff and painful. Studies are showing that older generations are enjoying increased wellbeing through dog companionship than ever before especially in places such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and hospitals.

We have designed and thoroughly tested our WetDog Classic robe and WetDog Hunter to be simple to use with minimum effort as mentioned. This is welcome news if you are suffering from arthritis or sore joints. Our customers who are older dog owners and those with disabilities have reportedly found caring for their dogs a whole lot easier by using our WetDog products and they enjoy avoiding the hassle involved with towel drying their dogs.

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