Duties for dogs

A police force, border patrol or security unit can be a complete a cohesive means of patrol and protection. However, with the introduction of a specially trained K9, your results can be dramatically improved and your efficacy on the scene will be taken to the next level. Dogs are a mans best friend and when ensuring that society is protected and safe from harm, it is incredibly helpful to have a well trained dog at hand to detect and dispel dangers.

There are many different types of breeds that can become a successful, efficient and skilled protection dog. The breed of the dog will be determined on what kind of work you need done such as protection or scent detection. The most popular police dog breeds are the German shepherd dog, followed closely by the Belgian Malinois for patrol and attack work with Labradors and golden retrievers also very common for scent detection.

Duties for dogs in the forces are divided into two groupings: 1. patrol dogs or security dogs and 2. detection dogs. The first group are trained to locate and stall suspects, often biting them to stop them from escape, ultimately they can also be security dogs also. The second group are used to locate things such as missing items or people and can be used to find specific scents such as illegal drugs, bodies (cadavers), explosives or any other contraband or missing persons. Dogs with a friendly demeanour such as beagles are often trained to work as airport security as they will not be intimidating to passengers but they are incredibly skilled at detecting specific scents.

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Preparing to Get a K9

To invest in a police dog for your unit can be an expensive and time intensive investment. After all, they will increase your results and efficiency however, once you invest in a dog for your operations, it is important to take care of them daily, including in transport. Operations or locations that are far away may mean that you require a great deal of time on the road. Perhaps one day you may have your K9 dog working at a local music festival sniffing for contraband and the next, you may have had a natural disaster and they need to detect whether humans are trapped in hard to reach places.

The job of training a K9 or security patrol dog is done in highly specialised premises by specialised people for good reason, it’s almost an art form to select, train and hone in the skills needed to patrol the streets. There are many facilities and equipment that go into the training of a security dog, let alone a sniffer dog. Fully trained police dogs have the most extensive training as they need to be aware of suspicious or aggravated behaviour and be able to attack and subdue the correct suspect if the situation becomes serious enough. Because working dog training is so specialised, training facilities are few and far between, it is sometimes necessary to import trained dogs from interstate or overseas in order to get a highly skilled and well trained professional canine.

Your newly acquired K9 will be familiar with life within a kennel or crate most probably from their training and upbringing. However it will be necessary to get them transported to you in a specialised transport safe crate. Using a shock absorbent inner lining such as the Siccaro FlexMat is good practice as this specialised mat has 3D inner foam, which will absorb shock and minimise impact on your police or security dog. The principles of how to care for your dog are dependent on whether they are a K9 police dog or working with other forces that require detection dogs. Detection dogs will not be trained to attack for example hence, you will need a different set of training and a different temperament.


Transporting Your K9 or Security Dog to Exercise or Training Sessions

Getting to and from training or just out for exercise within police vehicles is somewhat of a hassle when you have a shedding police dog on your hands. It can be bothersome to have to clean the car continually in order to maintain the standards within your patrol vehicles. A great help to police, especially after you’ve taken your dog for wet outdoor training session or out for exercise is to use the Siccaro WetDog drying robe. The easy to fasten clips make it quick and easy and you can even stow it in the glove box of the vehicle you use regularly. This will assist with reducing your ongoing vehicle maintenance.

Transport strategies for your dogs must be quick, efficient and most importantly safe for the dogs so that your valuable team member is not injured or harmed on the way. They will be used to travelling within a cage, kennel or crate however, using a superior quality cage liner for your crate or kennel can help keep your dog safe and comfortable on the ride.

Many police forces internationally are using the Siccaro FlexDog mat within transport crates or kennels because they feature a shock absorbent 3D inner foam which will provide protection on fast or bumpy journeys. It also has a washable, antibacterial outer layer, which will help protect against the accumulation of unpleasant wet dog smell if you’re transporting the dog after going for training in wet conditions. If it’s a hot day in the patrol car, the mat won’t store heat because the material is made from allows air to pass through which means it will reduce the chances of overheating.


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Quality Equipment for Your K9

All dogs, especially guard dogs or security dogs will need to be outdoors a great deal of time to get sufficient exercise to keep them in good shape. Sometimes it is important that even though they are on the job and running about, that they have enough protection from the elements when necessary. It’s important to have equipment that can handle the rough activity that your professional working dog will give to it weather or not it’s cold and wet outside.

If your security canine is used to being outdoors through the warmer months of the year, there is no reason, that without some good shelter that they can’t stay out for most of the year if their coat can handle it. If you have a shorter haired breed like a Rhodesian ridgeback or Doberman pinscher that has a shorter breed then it might be necessary to have a good quality jacket for your dog. When the weather dips, a good quality, water resistant camouflage jacket is an important piece of equipment for your K9. The Siccaro Hunter has been developed in conjunction with feedback from practicing hunters who use the jackets on their dogs. These jackets are not only durable but they have been tested in all kinds of climates. Many Hunters and police dog handlers are enjoying the benefits of being able to wait for long periods in cold cars with their inactive dogs because they are putting on the Siccaro Hunter or WetDog robe

If your dog is trained in detection, the search can lead them into all kind of situations that are wet and mucky. The benefit of having the Siccaro WetDog Hunter jacket or even a WetDog drying robe at hand means that you don’t have to rub them down with towels, they can just get on with the rest of the job or pack up and head home. These jackets are also a great tool for after training as well, especially if they have just been for a swim and are heading back into the car or a kennel. Despite the fact that many K9s handlers are not used to putting clothes on their dogs, we’ve had many responses from satisfied and happy handlers who don’t have mud on the back seats of their vehicles after training and their dogs are no longer shivering from the cold and wet.

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