From when you first choose a new pup and select a breed that will work with your hunting goals, to your pup’s first hunting season together, it is a close working bond that often becomes a life long partnership as he makes you proud after each and every hunt.

When hunting, there is no doubt that good equipment is necessary for you to be prepared when you eventually find foul or game to shoot. This is important for not only you, but also for your gun dog. Superfluous accessories when being agile and quick in the forest are never a good idea, which is why you need well-designed, streamlined and durable equipment.

There is nothing worse than shooting down a prized bird or small game and then not being able to find it. A well trained gun dog will definitely take the hard work out of both flushing game but also retrieving it. In turn, after a cold wet day in the outdoors, your dog has done his work and is most probably wet and exhausted. Aside from rewarding your little trooper with a good meal, it is important to get them dry and warm because once they have stopped, they will cool down significantly. Siccaro products have been designed, tested and enjoyed by hunters and their gun dogs since the early days of the company to help you out at the end of your hunt.

How to Care for your Gun Dog

All of the regular steps to care for your hunting dog at home before the hunting season include things such as:

  • Siccaro icon Maintain a regular and balanced nutritional diet.

  • Siccaro icon Ensure your gun dog has regular checkups with the vet as they are exposed to the elements much more than regular house dogs.

  • Siccaro icon Get your hunting dog into good shape.

  • Siccaro icon Exercise is vitally important especially 6-8 weeks before hunting season.

  • Siccaro icon Aerobic workouts with lots of swimming will ensure that your dog doesn’t become out of breath on the hunt and thus unable to use his scent well.

  • Siccaro icon Training to obey commands.

  • Siccaro icon Last of all: Grooming.

Why is grooming your gun dog important? First of all, ensure you research the most suitable grooming method for your particular gundog’s breed, coat and make sure it’s appropriate for the conditions that you will be hunting in. Aside from keeping your dog’s coat brushed when he’s shedding and keeping nails trimmed, it’s important to keep their coat at an appropriate length for the season and environment.

Summer months should obviously see their coat shorter for hotter weather but a trim will also help them dry quickly when wet. At the end of the hunt, a wet dog that has been running and chasing all day should be made dry and warm as soon as a hunt is over. By using a Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe you will be able to keep your dog or dogs from getting cold at the end of a long day’s hunt.

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How to Care For Gun Dogs in Cold Weather

Gun dogs should always have an appropriate jacket to guard from icy cold winds or wet and frosty weather when on a hunt so that maximum performance on your hunt together can be achieved. Apart from ensuring they start their day with a high calorie meal, if the weather is cold, sleeting or snowy, a decent dog jacket such as the WetDog Hunter is necessary hunting equipment. The Siccaro WetDog Hunter has been designed, used and tested by hunters and features a water absorbent inner layer to keep moisture absorbed which is great for short haired dogs.

It’s great to use it after they have been in the water to retrieve for you. It will also keep your flushing dogs dry as they run through wet underbrush or damp low lying bushes it will help to keep them dry and free from excess moisture which in frosty conditions is rather unpleasant for them. The WetDog Hunter should always be removed prior to swimming however, as the moisture absorbent fabric will get heavy and weigh the dog down in the water imposing a drowing risk.

Similarly, if it’s a freezing day out, then ensuring your dog is warm and dry in the car is also important at the end of the day. Many hunters use copious amounts of towels to dry and protect their cars from dirty paws, wet dog smell or shedding ending up all over the car but this isn’t necessary with a WetDog Hunter.


WetDog for Gun Dogs

During a wet day hunting during in colder months, your dog’s own coat may be perfectly sufficient as they sprint through the countryside or forest flushing and retrieving game. But we all know what it’s like when they have been running through drizzle or wet grass when they suddenly stop to rest, they can quickly start shivering from the cold. This is where it is important to be prepared after your hunt and have the right equipment so that there’s no mucking around with towels and blankets afterwards, trying to get your gun dog dry and warm.

A WetDog Hunter jacket is the perfect tool to get your dog dry and warm at the end of the day and then keep the rain and snow off them whilst they regain their heat. If they have got slightly damp from the damp weather or surroundings, the super absorbent inner layer will soak up excess moisture. Their movement will not be impaired and the dog will have even more advantage against it’s prey to due the camouflaged outer design if he’s not done with his work for the day.


Water Retriever Dogs

If you’re fond of hunting water foul there is no greater help than an excellent swimming dog. Swimming dogs come in all shapes and sizes such Spaniels, Hounds, some Beagles, Poodles, Labradors, Setters, Border Collies and especially Portugese Water Dogs. Many retrievers have double coats, which make them excellent swimmers with their extra insulation. It’s important that if they are going in and out of the water frequently that they get dried well at the end of the day. They can also be susceptible to many parasites and fungal infections if they aren’t checked and dried properly.

It is important to avoid bacterial infections developing on your dog’s skin because wet and matted fur can harbour a host of bacteria. By using the Siccaro WetDog drying robe at the end of the day and ensuring they become fully dry indoors where it’s insulated and warm as well as a good brush down, you can minimise the chances of these issues arising. In summer weather and on shorter haired or wiry coated breeds, we recommend using the Siccaro DryGloves to give the dog a quick rub down after a water retrieval so that it can avoid having a humid undercoat.

How to Avoid Your Gun Dog Overheating

There is nothing more satisfying for both you and your dog once he has intensely tracked, chased and caught your prey. As you can tell from their exhaustion, thirst and hunger, they have worked hard for you and your hard work training them has paid off. Most great gundogs love to work hard and will do so until the job is done however, in extremely hot conditions they sometimes don’t know their own limits.

What happens though when or if a dog gets overheated? Unfortunately overheating and even heat stroke can be common issues that a hunting dog faces in warmer climates and especially in summer months. Even after swimming, a dog’s temperature may not reduce back down to a safe level.

Firstly, be aware of the signs of overheating such as vomiting, diahorrea, excess salivation, bad coordination, glassed over eyes or panting and hyperventilation. It’s also a good idea to pack a thermometer and know their regular temperature after exercise so that if it’s above this then you can bring it back down. If your dog is overheated make sure you cool it down fast – keep your submerged dog in cool water making sure you keep hold of his head above the water in case she faints or use an ice pack on the belly or arm pits.

So how can you prevent your dog overheating? On a very hot day, at the start of your hunt, a tried and tested trick is to soak a Siccaro WetDog robe or WetDog Hunter in water and then have your dog wear it as it runs around in the heat. This trick was tried and tested at the IWT (International Working Test) for retrieving gundogs in 2015 by the Danish national team where temperatures were extremely high. In between runs, the Danish retriever dogs wore damp WetDog robes, which created a cool pocket of air around the dog. The team went on to win the competition because their dogs stayed cool between trials. It’s also good to remember that a damp WetDog robe can prevent shorter coated dogs from getting sunburn.


Interested in Siccaro for your gun dog?

After your hunt is over, you want nothing more than little fuss concerned with your gun dog.
He or she have done their work and made you proud so it’s essential that they are happy and warm once their hard work has ended.

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After a long day running through high grass, paddling in muddy waterholes and retrieving
your trophy you need to take care of your frusted friend.

Caring for Your Gun Dog After Hunting

Our products have been carefully engineered and tested with the help of devoted and experienced hunters, which is why we have a dedicated product named WetDog Hunter. We believe that investing in your gun dog will allow him to yield the best results whilst on a hunt. Don’t compromise the happiness or health of your treasured hunting partner by using inferior equipment for your hunting trip together.

At the end of your hunt by simply using the WetDog fast drying robe or the WetDog Hunter jacket you can put your dog into the car or in their crate and avoid fussing with towels or blankets, which get filthy. Lastly, the FlexDog Mat is the perfect tool for keeping your car or dog’s crate dry and clean afterwards.

The FlexDog Mat is especially good for dogs when driving off-road because the 3D shock absorbing foam has great impact protection. Simply place your dog on the FlexDog Mat and it’s a last, sure-fire protection against keeping shedding dogs from leaving their fur behind on your car upholstery.

Gun Dogs and Ticks

Ticks are a very real and pesky threat to your gun dog. Ticks can carry lyme disease and severely injure or even paralyse your dog. If there’s game where you’ve been hunting, then it’s guaranteed there will be ticks about from Spring through until the end of Autumn. It is clever to spray some dog friendly tick repellent spray onto the inside of your WetDog Hunter for added protection.

Luckily, the WetDog Hunter and WetDog Drying Robe have also been known to catch ticks as they move around trying to find a good place to latch onto the skin. As long as you carefully remove your dogs Siccaro jacket after wearing, you’ll be able to find many ticks that have gathered on the hunt on the inside of the robe or jacket and then dispose of them before they make their way to your dog’s skin.

Of course a bath and comb is also wise so that you can easily check your dog for ticks after a hunting day. After bathing, the WetDog drying robe is always the quickest and most efficient way of removing water from your dog quickly so that they can run, play and relax without you having to chase after them.

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