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From big dogs, long-haired dogs to small dogs that live in apartments, they all love to explore and experience the outdoors and often that means, a wet dog. At Siccaro, we believe it is essential to make sure our dogs feel comfortable and loved even when they are wet or perhaps even smelling unpleasant, which is what inspired us to create our range of products.

Taking care of a dog is a real commitment and for the lifespan of the dog, you are responsible for it’s welfare and their behaviour in the community. It is important for dog owners these days to be fully aware of the costs and time involved before they acquire a dog. So many dogs suffer because their new owners do not understand the responsibility involved, which means they end up in shelters or abandoned. Your responsibilities as a dog owner include providing food, shelter, enabling exercise and providing care and affection on a daily basis.

Choosing the right breed is also essential and considering whether the dog will be able to cope in your home is also important as larger breeds, for example, do not cope well in smaller apartments. Before choosing a dog for your family, all members should be consulted, research done and even deciding who will take it for regular walks is important to agree on before bringing it into your home. Always remember, it’s great to have a beautiful purebred dog, but choosing a dog from a shelter or dog rescue centre is the most noble and kind way to get your new dog.

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Older and Impaired Family Dogs

When caring for older family dogs it is ever more important to take extra care. According to Senior Dogs Project the quality of a dog’s fur and skin suffers with old age, which means extra care should be taken to keep them dry and healthy. This organisation recommends to avoid using hair dryers as they are harsh on the coat and skin of old dogs, which means that the WetDog Classic highly absorbent and comfortable dog robe is the perfect product to ensure your old dog is comfortable and relaxed after their bath.

If your older dog has health problems including with movement, injury or is in rehabilitation then using a product to dry them such as the WetDog Classic and WetDog Hunter will enable you to dry your dog with minimal fuss without disturbing your older dog. By using a simple buttoning system at the rear, the legs don’t have to be lifted and the clips will harness around the body so that your senior or impaired dog is unbothered by the process of putting on the robe.

If your dog tends to be scared or skittish, then you might be surprised to find that they will feel more comfortable when wearing the Siccaro WetDog jackets because the fit makes them feel as though they are being held. Many of our customers have reported that their dog enjoys this added benefit as he travels home after being at the vet or at a rehabilitation session where she may have felt uncomfortable.


The Benefits of Family Dogs for Children

Studies are now finding proof about what society has known for centuries. Dogs are incredibly beneficial for the well being and social development of people and especially children without siblings. The care, love and responsibility of having a pet is interestingly linked with increased awareness in all those areas amongst all children with dogs or other pets. The significant proof is that single children have increased empathy and social understanding if they own a dog.

Do your kids often take the dog on a walk where your dog ends up wet and then they just can’t be bothered or forget to dry him off before coming inside? This is unfortunately the case for many families with dogs. We’ve made it super easy for your children to quickly and easily put on a Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe so that your carpets and walls are protected from an excited dog that’s trying to get itself dry.

The clips have been specially designed for ease of use so that small hands can easily take it on or off which makes it easy and more motivating to put on. The little ones especially love the fun of “dressing up” their treasured doggie and making sure he feels warm and dry after their outing. It’s not fun to scold your children so making this simple and useful investment for the whole family and your dog will make life just that little bit easier.


Your Dog and Exercise

Depending on the size of your dog and their level of activity, you will need to walk it at least once, if not, twice or even three times per day. Bigger dogs especially need a lot of exercise and play to move their muscles and exert the natural energy that they would have put to use hunting in the wild. This is also true for many smaller breeds. If regular exercise and walks aren’t taken then many behavioural problems can occur and unexpected aggression may result.

If your lifestyle permits it, then it’s great if you can take your dog to work with you, however if not, a walk in the morning and a walk in the evening are incredibly important, especially if your dog is left at home all day. As we dog owners know, sometimes the weather is stormy, cold and wet outside. But it’s no excuse for you and your dog to stay inside. Of course you will need some good wet weather gear but with the right equipment for your dog no excuses are necessary. With a product like the Siccaro WetDog all weather Hunter jacket, a dog of any stature can enjoy being kept relatively dry and also stay warm in cold conditions. This is extremely important for shorter haired breeds that live in cold climates.

Sometimes your dog runs about in wet grass, or finds a dirty puddle to splash about in. Ensuring that you have either a Siccaro WetDog Hunter jacket on your dog or the super absorbent WetDog drying robe to put on afterwards, will ensure that the dog is dried off quickly. By keeping it on whilst inside the car or your home, you can feel safe that they won’t be spreading muck and dirt around. If you’ve travelled to a dog park in the car for that extra bit of protection for your seats, it’s great to use a Siccaro FlexDog Mat which will handle dirty paws and soak up any extra wet on their legs and paws. We’ve had great results from our customers saying that their car no longer stinks of wet dog and the shed fur from their dogs is minimised.


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Water on Dogs

After a long day running through high grass and paddling in muddy waterholes
you need to take care of your frusted friend.

Why do Wet Dogs Smell?

The questions of “what makes wet dogs smell?” requires a complex analysis but it has now been scientifically proven that water on a dogs coat increases bad odour as the water releases the intensity of the smells. Many people who have dogs know all too well the familiar ‘wet dog’ smell and search for ways to get rid of it from their home and car. This is why it is important to get your dog dry as soon as possible once they have been wet, especially if you don’t want the smell to spread to your car upholstery, your clothes or your carpet or flooring at home.

At Siccaro we love swimming dogs and we want them to have the best time on their swim or adventure out. But it’s great to also feel prepared and ready so that your wet dog does not feel cold, ruin your car seats or run mud and wet through your home. If your family’s dog loves the water, or just getting wet whilst swimming at the beach, in a river, a lake or stream or even in the swimming pool we want you to all enjoy the experience. By using the Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe which is light-weight and easy to put on your dog, once your outing has ended.

You can easily fold up and store the WetDog Robe in your car, ready to put on after your walk. Alternatively, you can easily hang it at your front door, ready for your return. The best part is that instead of using towels you don’t have an endless mess of soiled, smelly, damp towels lying around. With the WetDog Classic drying jacket, you have just one quick and efficient robe to put on and get the benefit of removing around 80% of the moisture within just 15 minutes. You can even leave it on your dog for an extended period if it’s cold which, is great in the winter time, especially in frosty cars.

How to Dry Your Wet Dog after a Bath

It’s not our job to say no to the simple things that dogs enjoy, one of which is rolling in the grass, dirt and often mud. However, bath time for the family dog can cause us owners the most hassle when it comes to keeping our dogs clean, and in turn, keeping our home clean. Luckily, you can let them do just what they want when they are out and about so that the process of taking a bath and then drying them is no longer a difficult and dreaded process.

We all know what it’s like drying a restless dog after a bath. Most of the time they are eager to run around and shake off throughout the house. We all know how dogs love to shake and rub themselves on the couch or walls when wet, it is simply because they are trying to get dry. Sometimes dogs even escape and run straight back outside where they will collect even more dirt by rolling around with a wet fur.

You can use towels or even a hair dryer to dry your dog after a bath but most dogs don’t want to sit still, they want to run and play. The most popular and easy way to dry dogs at the moment is by using the Siccaro WetDog drying robe. After putting the robe on it’s possible for them to run, play or rest after their bath without having to be vigorously rubbed with towels or bothered with loud hair dryers. If you are also wondering “how do I dry my dog’s ears?” then you will love the extra long neck span of the Siccaro WetDog drying robe as it will also encompass the ears and get them also dry in no time. For short haired breeds and puppies that just need a quick dry-off with a rub down before entering the house or car, the Siccaro DryGloves will quickly and easily dry off excess moisture.

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