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Imagine spending time away during your vacation where memories are made and adventures are created. It’s a time where you want your nearest and dearest close to you and that definitely includes your beloved dog or dogs. Because dogs are also pack animals, it’s really important that they feel included in your journey away from home together.

Many dog owners see vacations as a challenge, believing that their dogs must be left behind, but this is not the case. Dogs make excellent holiday companions when camping, sailing, in a summer house, cabin, holiday home or even in a motor home!

It’s important to bring the right accessories when packing for travels with your pooch. At Siccaro, we love taking our dogs everywhere. All types of holidays can be a wonderful experience if you prepare well. For instance, if you’re leaving for a hot summer trip, your dog can benefit from the cooling properties of using a dampened Siccaro WetDog Robe. On colder hiking, fishing or hunting trips your pup may need the extra warmth of the WetDog Hunter jacket.

Lastly, it is essential on long travels that your dog enjoys a calm, relaxed and comfortable journey so that she won’t fuss or feel distressed. Here is our short compilation of hints and tips so that you can be rest assured that you’re prepared for your trip together.

What to bring and how to prepare for travels with my dog?

The major benefits of taking your pooch on holidays with you are two fold; firstly you don’t have to bother with the exorbitant fees of a doggie hotel and secondly, your dog gets to come and spend time with you on holiday too! The fun feeling of splashing in the sea, walking in the forest or enjoying a peaceful sunset is enhanced immensely when you’re with your dog. Imagine the happiness of your pet when included on your trip, instead of having to be left at home or in a dog hotel without his human parents.

The question of “what do I need to pack for my pet?” is something that many pet owners rack their brains trying to answer. Before you set off, there are a few things that you should think about doing, especially if you’re headed to the great outdoors, such as ensuring immunisations are up to date and extra flea and tick prevention has been has been taken.

Some essential things to pack for my dog are:

  • Siccaro iconDog food (in case you can’t find anything on the way), bottled water and portable dishes for water and food. You may also consider some treats as a reward for their great behaviour whilst on the road.

  • Siccaro icon A leash, labelled collar with phone contact and car harness.

  • Siccaro icon Disposable mats for them to go toilet – great for car, cage and accommodation along with plastic poo bags to clean up after walks.

  • Siccaro icon Any favourite toys as a distraction on the journey.

  • Siccaro icon Medication or vitamins and tick prevention or tick remover supplies.

  • Siccaro icon Grooming equipment including brush, shampoo and of course your Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe for after bath or after a wet walk to protect the hotel, cabin, holiday home or campervan you are staying in. Otherwise simply packing in the Siccaro DryGloves may be sufficient for short haired breeds to dry off and eliminate some of the surface dirt.

  • Siccaro icon If you are going to a cold climate where you’ll be outdoors or it might be raining a great deal, bringing the WetDog Hunter jacket is also a great addition, especially for dogs with a short coat or dogs lacking a think undercoat. It also doubles as a drying jacket in case they suddenly get wet.

  • Siccaro icon Siccaro FlexDog Mat is important to bring for the car or cage and can double as a portable bed.

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A Portable Dog Bed that Protects Against Bumps and Bad Odour

By bringing your dog’s cosy, sentimental bedding mat it is a great way of making sure they feel like they aren’t too unsettled in their new environment. Investing in a quality, durable and well travelling dog mat such as the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is an important step to take when your dog is a pup. Ensuring that you have a dog bed that travels well, in conjunction with appropriate training, will make it possible for your dog to sleep in an appropriate place wherever you want to take them.

If the FlexDog Mat gets a little wet and dirty along the way, the cover is made of an organic bamboo which is antibacterial, meaning that it won’t harbour the smell of wet dog easily. It’s a great consideration when ensuring your cars upholstery doesn’t soak up wet dog smell or get covered in shedding fur. When it’s needed, the cover is removable and easily washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

Drying Your Dog In Small Spaces

Everyone deserves a change of scenery and a break from the regular pace of routine lifestyle every now and then and what better time than to spend quality time with your dog? Although it can sometimes involve a little more planning, with Siccaro fast drying DryGloves and WetDog drying robe, our travel friendly drying tools will be an invaluable and efficient help whilst you’re away.

If your holiday is in a mobile home, camper van or on a boat, space will always be a luxury, so it’s often important for you be considerate with the items you bring and this especially goes for your dog. If she’s a sailing kind of dog then rest assured, she’s a swimmer. But on a cramped boat, no-one likes a wet dog making everything damp and smelly. The Siccaro WetDog Drying robe will surely be your best friend on a boat as it will easily dry and protect your boats interior. Another alternative for fast drying, short haired breeds is to use the compact and super absorbent Siccaro DryGloves to soak up that last bit of moisture before they head below deck.

The same can be applied for cramped motor homes or camper vans or people camping and staying with their dogs in tents. It’s important to keep the inside tidy, clean and free of terrible dog odour on fabric covered areas that you might lay your head later that night. Making sure your dog is protected by the WetDog will not only keep their damp, wet fur off the interior of your small mobile space, but the antibacterial properties of the organic bamboo outer layer will allow the WetDog robe to be relatively free of damp mould smell or bacteria’s associated with using the traditional time and space consuming towel drying method.

A Multipurpose Travel Friendly Dog Mat

Ensuring that your dog will be comfortable on the ride is incredibly important. Siccaro FlexDog Mat is the perfect mat for travel because the 3D inner foam is shock absorbent and will guard against bumpy roads or sudden impact. If you are in a car, the appropriate harness is necessary but it will be immensely more comfortable for your dog to be on top of a FlexDog Mat when resting on the seat.

It is known that dogs should never be left unattended in a car, especially when it’s a sunny day and the car is stopped. But even when there might be air conditioning, it can get intensely hot especially if you are in direct sunlight for a dog and they are resting on the hot upholstery of the car. The FlexDog Mat has a special 3D inner material, which is moisture absorbent as well as temperature regulating which means that it will reduce the chances of your dog overheating. It will not only take some of the unnecessary jarring out of a bumpy journey, but it will also be temperature controlled.


Interested in Siccaro for your dog?

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Protection for Your Dog in a Crate or Cage

What is the best way to transport your dog on a holiday? It depends of course if you’re in the car, train, plane or boat. A sufficiently exercised and well fed dog is more likely to travel in a calm manner than a dog who is hungry and itching to run about. Many dog owners fret about taking their dogs on fights, trains, ferry boats or other transit where they are required to be in a cage.

“Whats the best protection my dog can have in a cage?” We have engineered the FlexDog Mat with just that concern in mind. The FlexDog Mat has been designed to easily fold over so that it will also fit into a cage so that if needed, your dog will get extra shock absorbing protection from bumps when travelling in a cage whether it’s being carried or transported in a cargo area.

If it’s cold weather and your dog is a little worried in flight, it can be nice to put the WetDog Hunter Jacket or WetDog drying robe onto your short haired dog for some extra warmth. An added benefit that many of our customers report is the soothing effect the jacket has on their dogs. As the jacket can be fastened to be nice and snug on the dog, it often has a calming effect on worried or frightened dogs as they feel like they are being hugged or held.

Exploring Nature With Your Dog

Enjoying the great outdoors is one of life’s simplest gifts. Of course it’s the perfect place for your dog to explore, frolic and be free. A trusted and wonderful dog at your side during a hunting trip is also indispensible.

After a wet walk or dirty walk, perhaps you will need to dry your dog off or even give it a bath or rinse it off. If you have hired a cabin, summer house, holiday home or staying in a dog friendly BnB you want to ensure you’re your dog does not do any damage. There’s nothing worse than leaving the place you’ve been staying with an unpleasant dog smell and not being welcomed back or even worse, having to pay for extra cleaning fees after leaving wet dog smell and shedding behind.

Your Siccaro WetDog drying robe will be indispensible to you after a bath, or even after a walk in the rain. You can simply pull it out of your bag and pop it on your hound, feeling safe that your dog will not leave a smell behind or damage furniture or walls by rubbing his wet self along them.

Lastly, walks in the cold or frost can be really tough on shorter haired breeds so if it’s a colder, wetter destination you’re headed to, then be sure to pack a WetDog Hunter which will not only keep your dog dry and warm on drizzly walks but it will double as an fast drying, absorbent towel if you’re returning from a wet adventure or following a bath.

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