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The human species have always been somewhat nomadic, meaning that it’s only natural that our dogs come along with us. Now, instead of travelling on foot, we travel via cars, planes, trains and even boat! Of course our dogs still join us on our journeys, but not until recently, have we had safety standards in place for ourselves, and our canine companions.

Going on a holiday or even just a walk, it’s wonderful to be able to find new locations to explore together. Everyone loves a trip to the beach in hot weather, or even a hiking trip when the temperatures dip, but both you and your dog should be prepared to get there comfortably and safely.

Depending on where you live in the world, safety standards and regulations for pet travel differ, so before heading off somewhere far away, it’s important to check the transport guidelines. Whether it’s simply the car regulations or train and aeroplane guidelines for your dog. At Siccaro, we know what it’s like to have a dog along for the ride and your active lifestyle involving your dog is what inspires us to create great tools to make life easy for the both of you.

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Safety First – Dogs in the Car

When it comes to our furry friends, it is better to have a safe dog than an injured dog. Even if it’s a short ride to do grocery shopping in the car, making sure your dog is safe is better than being sorry. In some places of the world, if you don’t abide to these rules then you can even be fined if you don’t abide.

The best and easiest thing for most dogs is to have a special harness, which attaches onto the seatbelt of your car. Having your dog travel in the back is the best so that he can’t jump and distract you whilst you drive. Choose the side of the car, which is out of direct sun in the summer months, especially if it will be a long journey. Alternatively, if the weather is cold and your dog will be in a cold car for a long time, it might be a good idea to pop a jacket on such as the Siccaro WetDog Hunter.

As romantic as the idea of letting your dog’s ears flap in the wind is, it’s not safe, so please don’t leave enough of a gap for your dog’s head to get out. Also think twice about allowing your dog to travel on the back tray of your utility truck. On hot days the back tray can be so hot that it may burn their paws and if you come to a sudden halt, they can be easily flung off and with a collar on, they may be strangled or suffer severe neck injuries.


Quarantine with your Dog

If you are visiting or moving to the U.K., Australia or the U.S.A. from abroad then perhaps your dog will need to be in quarantine for a period of time. When dogs travel on a plane they must do so in a IATA approved crate travelling as ‘Manifested cargo’, not in the cabin.

Make sure your dog is used to the crate that they will travel in by leaving it in the house or yard with something inside that is comforting such as a familiar or favourite toy. That way, when they travel within, they will be somewhat familiar and used to their little temporary home.

If you need further advice or have more questions then a great source of information is https://www.ipata.org/ where you can find pet shipping suppliers and a great deal of information on the best way to transport your dog.

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Protecting Your Car

As we dog owners know, there is nothing more embarrassing than giving your friends or family a ride in your car that is covered in dog hair and smells like wet dog. Then we are faced with the question ‘how do I get rid of this wet dog smell?’ It’s utterly embarrassing and something that can be avoided with a couple of simple tools.

First of all, you are probably in this situation if you are regularly visiting dog parks or beaches where there is an opportunity for your dog to get wet and muddy. It has been scientifically proven that a wet dog’s fur releases a cocktail of odour that leads to that unpleasant, musky, wet dog smell that lingers in your car upholstery long after they have gone. By using a Siccaro WetDog drying robe on your dog after their swim you will be able to get your dog dry and less smelly, quickly.

For extra care, by placing a Siccaro FlexDog Mat on the seat where they normally sit after their swim or muddy walk, you can guard against stray fur and dirt getting onto the seat from their legs and dirty paws. Or if you travel with your dog in a crate or cage, then a Siccaro FlexDog Mat is perfect to absorb the wet and dirt whilst providing shock absorption underneath them. The great thing about both of these products is that they are designed to take the wet, dirt and anything else that your dog collects and in turn, protect your car or home. They are made with antibacterial organic bamboo cloth, which eliminates bad odour and they can be easily washed once they get dirty and then machine dried.


Travelling with Your Dog on Bike

If you are in an urban place or a bike friendly city, then travelling with your small or medium sized dog by bike is a great way to get around and both enjoy the fresh air. Perhaps you even have a cargo bike to get around with your large dog? It’s important that your dog is adequately secure when travelling on a bike so making sure he is in a cage or crate that is secured to the bike is the best way. To absorb the bumps on the road, using a shock absorbent cage-lining mat such as the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is perfect so that they don’t get injured or bruised.

For shorter coated dogs, it can get cold on the bike if you’re not moving, so keep in mind that they may need to wear a dog coat such as the water resistant Siccaro WetDog Hunter. It’s a smart choice because the long neck can zip up all the way to cover the ears on some breeds, which means more protection in cold, rainy or windy weather.


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Travelling by Plane or Train or Long Distance

Crated Dogs

Depending on where you travel by plane, dogs usually have to be crated or travel within a specially regulated and designated cage. Certain countries require dogs to have medical tests, microchips and immunisations as well as be in quarantine for a certain amount of time before they leave or on arrival. If you are travelling to a different continent then your flight will be long and your animal must have good provisions in order to last this distance within the cargo hold such as adequate food and water, ideally within a spill-proof bowl.

There are some great products on the market to help your dog whilst in transit. If it’s cooler weather when you’re travelling, and especially if your dog has a short coat, a good quality dog jacket is a perfect solution such as the Siccaro WetDog Hunter. Also having a good quality mat will make them feel comfortable and at home on the journey. The Siccaro FlexDog mat, has been specially designed to be folded to the size of a crate or cage. It is the best crate lining mat on the market because it is shock absorbent and water absorbent in case they have any spills or accidents on the way and it has been designed with well ventilated materials to ensure overheating doesn’t occur.

Throughout Europe most train lines will allow smaller dogs, provided they are in a cage or contained basket. Larger dogs must be on a lead and be wearing a muzzle but conditions and fares for animals are different depending on the actual service provider. As a general rule, service dogs such as guide dogs should be allowed into all passenger cabins with their owners.

Dogs in a Boat or Camper Van

If you are heading on holidays on a sailing trip or in a motor home with your fantastic furry friends then it’s important to consider that they may want to come below deck or inside to escape the elements. However a wet, dirty dog is not great when in a camper van or even within a boat. Space is cramped, and there is not a lot of storage available for mountains of spare towels to dry off your dog.

If you own a boat, you know the importance of getting your dog dry once they are on board. Water inside the cabin can be hard to dry out and can collect bacteria and fungus in upholstered seats and bedding. If your dog has been for a swim and then wants to lay around below deck, then putting a Siccaro WetDog onto your dog is the easiest solution. Otherwise, if you own a smaller dog or shorter haired breed, the Siccaro DryGloves can be a great help and they will also aid in soaking up any other wetness around the boat once you and your dog have come aboard from a swim.

If you have a camper van or boat and your dog will be travelling inside, a portable dog bed is a nice luxury but most of the time, there is no space to store a bulky dog bed. Using something streamlined and compact that can easily fold up is the perfect solution. A light-weight, Siccaro FlexDog Mat can be folded, used as a cage or crate liner to absorb bumps on the road and they are easily laundered or aired out when they need to be. It’s the perfect travelling dog bed.

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