Starting a Dog Salon
or Dog Grooming Service

Dog salons, dog grooming services and doggie day spas are all rising dramatically in popularity, as people with busy lifestyles and a lack of time prefer to leave washing and grooming their dogs to the experts. Many also see it as a chance to give their dog a change of scenery for the day because now a variety of salons are offering walking services or doggie day care also.

If you are head over heels, madly and deeply in love with animals then following your passion and opening a mobile dog grooming service, working in a dog salon or becoming pet spa owner can be a dream come true. The great news is that there’s a wealth of information and resources out there to learn about the best and most efficient methods for bathing, drying and grooming various breeds of dogs. It’s important to make well-informed decisions from the beginning of your business in order to create great results so that your first clients become loyal and help spread the word in your community.

As a dog salon owner, there is a multitude of equipment that you will need to invest in, as well as staff, facilities and other overhead expenses. There is no doubt that you will need to assess what kind of drying equipment you should invest in and the options are endless. At Siccaro, we are always looking to share the best advice on dog drying and grooming in the most quick, cost effective and healthy way for dogs and their owners. Here are some of our findings on the best equipment and techniques for dog bathing and drying so that you can efficiently care for a number of dogs in a shorter amount of time or even do it at home for yourself.

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Choosing The Right Equipment for Your Salon

The question of “what will I need in my new grooming dog salon or grooming business?” is continually changing and evolving. The basic tools and equipment you will need to bathe the dog include:

  • Siccaro icon A well designed and stable tub or bath area at an appropriate height

  • Siccaro icon A showerhead or hose with enough pressure to rinse suds quickly

  • Siccaro icon Good quality selection of brushes

  • Siccaro icon An appropriate selection of shampoos and conditioners

When it comes to the drying process, this is when things can become complicated. If you are an experienced dog groomer, then you’ll know how different the final part of the grooming process is from dog to dog. From the golden fluffy mane of a Pomeranian to the cropped coat of a dachshund, each and every different dog needs consideration and special care. Selecting the best equipment for efficient and thorough dog drying is incredibly important because it can save you a great deal of time and money.

So what types of drying equipment are there? Some various types of drying equipment for dogs in salons or grooming parlours include:

  • Siccaro icon Towels

  • Siccaro icon Hand held hair dryers

  • Siccaro icon Cage dryers

  • Siccaro icon High velocity or air forced dryers

  • Siccaro icon Stand dryers

  • Siccaro icon Siccaro WetDog drying robe

  • Siccaro icon Siccaro DryGloves

Hand held dryers are great if you’re grooming poodles, old English sheep dogs or Maltese who require a fluffy or ‘blown out’ look. Unfortunately they are extremely time consuming so it’s great if you have the majority of moisture removed prior and then you can more quickly blow dry on semi-damp fur.

Many salon owners use cage dryers, high velocity or air forced dryers and lastly stand dryers. All of these devices pose the risk of the dog becoming overheated or in some extreme cases the dog getting burnt if hot air is concentrated on one spot. The other thing is that all of these use costly electricity and high velocity or air forced dryers can be extremely loud and sometimes frighten the dogs. This is why it’s great to keep their use to a minimum and instead choose to dry naturally and peacefully using a WetDog Drying robe or for smaller breeds, the Siccaro DryGloves.


Best Drying Techniques – Especially for Long Haired Dogs

We all know that the best thing for securing repeat customers is creating a dog that has a beautiful, shiny and lush coat when their owner comes to pick them up. You want a dog that looks gorgeous and makes the owner fall more in love with them. There is nothing better than the proud stride of an owner who has a beautifully groomed dog. Perfectly drying a dog, especially long haired breeds, is the crucial step after having their fur trimmed, that will make a dog’s hair look luscious and shiny, which is why it’s important to have the right tools at hand.

Traditionally, the first step in drying a dog after they have been bathed is to use towels to get the excess moisture off. Instead of towels, by using the newly engineered Siccaro WetDog, you can remove the bulk of the wetness within 15 minutes without aggravating the fur and causing more knotting. This means that whilst your freshly washed dog is drying naturally and staying warm, you can be washing another dog in the meantime. After most of the moisture is easily and naturally removed by the Siccaro WetDog, you can achieve beautiful results by using a hand held dryer to dry the remainder and style the coat with a grooming brush.

See the WetDog in action

The New and Best Way to Dry Long Haired or Curly Haired Dog Breeds

As we all know, depending on the type of dog and the size of the dog, the amount of time you can spend drying and grooming will vary from breed to breed. Here are some easy steps for washing and drying a long haired breed:

  • Siccaro icon Firstly give the dog’s coat a good brush to eliminate any knots or tangles.

  • Siccaro icon Then wash the dog down with shampoo and then conditioner.

  • Siccaro icon Allow the dog to shake of to remove a good amount of water (it’s a good idea to use a shower curtain when they do this.)

  • Siccaro icon Click on the WetDog Drying robe for 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness and length of their fur. For even more absorption of the legs and tail, let them lay on a Siccaro FlexDog drying mat.

  • Siccaro icon For long haired breeds that need styling, proceed to blow dry and brush out their coat using a fine toothed brush and hand held dryer. Be careful not to hold the dryer on the same spot which will burn them. Start from the face and work your way down to the tail and down the paws.

  • Siccaro icon For curly haired breeds, they can use a stand dryer without being brushed.

  • Siccaro icon Then proceed with clipping fur and nails or any other final touches.


A super absorbent mat is a great help to place the dog onto once the dog is out of the bathing phase. The best product on the market is the Siccaro FlexDog Mat which can absorb the water of 4 wet dogs in a row before it needs tumble or air drying. This new design was first engineered for wet hunting dogs that would be put inside their transport crate after a damp and dirty day hunting. The FlexDog Mat features super absorbent outer textiles that are wonderful for soaking up moisture and the antibacterial organic bamboo means that it won’t hold onto any lingering bacteria or wet dog smell.

Many salon owners are raving about the benefits of using both the FlexDog Mat along with the WetDog robe, claiming that it is a lot quicker than rubbing their fur with a towel, which is often like a game to the dogs. Another added benefit is that the WetDog also has a snug fit that can provide a calming effect for nervous or skittish dogs. Also, many groomers find that rubbing the dog’s fur with a towel means that it will knot or mat again, which means more work in the long run.

Curly breeds need only a light comb of their coats, if their owner prefers their natural curls. This is where the new Siccaro fast drying WetDog robe can assist to take the majority of moisture out of the fur whilst, holding the curls tight to the body to set nicely and withdrawing moisture simultaneously. The curls become dry and beautiful whereas with a blow dryer and brushing they become fluffy and unformed. You can also finish this look off by letting the dog stand in front of a low velocity standing dryer that will not ruffle the fur too much, ruining the natural curls.


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Daycare and Dog Walking Accessories

If you also offer a dog walking or a doggie day-care facility it is important that you also have great equipment. Of course great mats such as the Siccaro FlexDog mat for the dogs to relax on are essential as well as space for them to run and play. It’s also essential that there is sufficient entertainment including a variety of toys and interesting nooks and spots to explore.

A dog’s coat can hold onto moisture for many hours after a bath and even after you think they may feel dry to touch, their undercoat may still be slightly damp. Various blow-drying methods will help to dry the undercoats of long haired breeds but it’s always good to have extra protection on a dog if they are heading out in cold or frosty weather. If you are taking dogs out straight after grooming and their fur has just been trimmed or they may be slightly damp, it’s important that they have a sufficient coat or jacket on.

A dog that has a drying jacket on such as the Siccaro WetDog Hunter is both protected from extra dirt coming onto the coat after a bath and also from being rained on and getting wet once again. The best part is that if there’s any extra moisture in their coat, you’ll be feeling safe that they won’t be getting cold if there’s a chilly wind because the inner layer of this jacket helps to absorb any left over moisture, whist at the same time keeping them dry from rain.

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