What Is Best For My Dog?

That moment when you first lay eyes on your sweet little fluffy puppy and decide to bring them home is a magical and special moment that will cement a lifelong friendship between you and your dog. In that magical moment when we take home our new dog, we sometimes forget that they are then with us for their foreseeable lifespan which can sometimes be up to 15 or more years. If you lead a lifestyle that involves a lot of travel, you enjoy overseas holidays or you need to take an unexpected trip away but can’t bring your dog, it can be hard to know what to do.

There are a few options available to dog owners these days. Perhaps it is possible to find someone to dog sit at your home or find friends or neighbours who can help mind your special dog. However, sometimes these options aren’t possible, so outsourcing care for your dog is necessary.

A dog hotel is a luxury option for caring for your dog, with plenty of space, plush bedding and features such as splash pools, activity play rooms and fine food. Kennels can be just as suitable for your dog with smaller dwellings and of course they will still have access to exercise, decent food and adequate bedding. We’ve compiled a few tips here to make their stay away just as wonderful as your own trip by remembering some things that carry the familiar scent of home such as toys, blankets or even their favourite, transportable Siccaro FlexDog Mat.

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How to choose a Dog Hotel? What To Look For in a Dog Hotel?

Vibe and Staff of the kennels or dog pension

When you first look for a dog pension, dog kennel or dog hotel for your canine friend whilst away, it’s important to do your research because if you aren’t feeling good about where you leave your dog, then chances are that you won’t be able to relax when you finally reach your holiday destination. Make sure you plan a visit to the facilities once you have researched and found a place that you like.

Assess the staff and be sensitive to how you feel. Determine whether there’s a calm and relaxed vibe or if there is something unpleasant that you can’t quite place. Notice how the staff treat the dogs and whether they have a happy, efficient and peaceful attitude. This will automatically translate to how your dog is treated. Look around, see whether the other dogs seem calm, happy and well exercised.

Lastly, ask lots of questions about food, toilet and exercise routines as well as how they deal with unwell dogs – the more questions you ask, the less you will worry about the unknown in the long run. If you have a solid routine which is quite different to the routine in the kennel, then it might be a good idea in the weeks prior, to adjust your routine so it’s the same as the kennel or dog hotel. This will help ease stress so that your dog doesn’t have to adjust and go through the adjustment of a different pattern. Make them familiar with the comfort items they will be bringing with them like their favourite compact dog bed such as the Siccaro FlexDog mat, which is the ideal size, easily washed and lightweight for transporting. We’ll talk more about what to bring below.


How to Prepare Your Dog Before Your Stay Away

After you have selected where your dog will be staying and made sure you have a booking for the necessary dates, it is important to prepare yourself and your dog well. Talk to your dog and make them feel strong and confident about what is about to happen reassuring them that you will come back soon. Even though your dog won’t understand everything you say, your confident and calm voice will help him feel calm about the process. Don’t feel stressed or nervous about leaving your dog, because they will pick up on this and also feel the same way which is not what you want when leaving your dog at the chosen dog minding place whether it’s a friend, a kennel or luxury dog hotel.

When a child leaves from home to stay away, we might write a long list of things to watch out for, a list of dos and don’ts as well as any illnesses or injuries that need special attention or care. It should be exactly the same process with your dog because if you feel happy that the staff know everything they need to know then you will feel a lot more confident to leave your dog. Make sure any medication or health concerns are addressed prior and notify staff. There is no reason not to give as much information on your canine friend as possible so that they have the best stay away as possible.

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Equipment and Facilities at the Dog Kennel, Pension or Hotel

What will it be like for your dog in this new environment? Assess how much space your dog will have to rest in and if you are choosing a kennel with a smaller space than he or she is used to, then perhaps get your dog used to a smaller space. Simply move the dog bed or their familiar FlexDog Mat into a closet, laundry or smaller space when they are resting or sleeping. Do not close the door to ensure there is sufficient ventilation and they can access the toilet. It will help if their familiar dog bed is in there and you train them to stay there using treats and putting toys in there.

Ask about outside time and view all areas that your dog will be playing in, noting anything that your dog may find scary or be adverse to so that you can forewarn the staff. If your dog is a short haired breed and it’s winter time, it might be a good idea to see if they supply dog jackets for walks outside or whether they have provisions for the rain. If they don’t supply dog jackets and it’s snowy weather or frosty, then taking along a familiar Siccaro WetDog Hunter Jacket can be a great idea for rainy walks or as warmth after splashing in a pool or pond. This will keep their coats dry from rain and absorb any other moisture whilst outdoors.

Even asking the staff to put on the Siccaro WetDog drying robe at night can be both a great help if your dog gets cold easily at night (maybe they are used to sleeping under your doona!?) and needs a little extra warmth in the night time. Some places may have heated floors so please be sure to check and ensure they don’t get overheated if you want them to wear a jacket at night. The wonderful thing about both the WetDog drying jacket and the WetDog Hunter jacket, is that the snug fit of both products reportedly has a soothing effect on many dogs because it resembles the feeling of being hugged. Who wouldn’t want their dog to feel a few extra hugs whilst at the doggie hotel?!


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What Should I Bring so That My Dog Feels At Home?

Ticks are a very real and pesky threat to your gun dog. Ticks can carry lyme disease and severely injure or even paralyse your dog. If there’s game where you’ve been hunting, then it’s guaranteed there will be ticks about from Spring through until the end of Autumn. It is clever to spray some dog friendly tick repellent spray onto the inside of your WetDog Hunter for added protection.

The best things to bring are things that have the familiar scent of home, like a familiar bedding mat such as the Siccaro FlexMat, a favourite toy or even an old unwashed piece of your clothing that bears your familiar scent. You could also leave a few days supply of their familiar food and favourite treats to help them feel settled and secure in their new home.

All of these things in their kennel will make them feel comfortable or at home.

On the way to the kennel or dog hotel, if you are transporting them in a cage, then its great to have them stay on their favourite and familiar smelling dog mat such as the Siccaro FlexDog mat for the journey there because it will keep them calm if they are on their comfortable and familiar bed from home. This mat has been specially designed to fold over and it provides great shock absorption on car rides and as it can be a top layer of their dog bed. Be sure not to wash the FlexDog mat before the trip away so that familiar scent of home is strong and lasts for a while until they settle in.

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