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Dogs are our best friends
and closest companions

Our dogs are essentially members of our family, which means we love and care for our dogs in exactly the same way as we would for our human family members. There is nothing worse than the feeling of finding out that your dog has been injured or is unwell with an illness.

If your dog is sick or suffers an unclear injury, it is often stressful for owners because we can’t communicate with our dogs in the same way that we do with humans. We must rely on subtle physical and behavioural cues in order to firstly realise that something is wrong and then secondly try to diagnose the problem. Often it can be unclear what the issue is until a vet is consulted and even then, many issues can remain ambiguous.

Once a diagnosis and treatment have been found and your dog is at home and in recovery, it is important that you have some great tools to help your dog rest and make a strong recovery. Many new types of canine recovery therapies are now becoming popular such as water rehabilitation, which is a wonderful and fun way to regain strength or as a gentle exercise when your dog’s body isn’t able to deal with the normal impact of gravity. After visiting the vet, having surgery or after a water therapy session, Siccaro can offer you a range of top quality products with antibacterial properties to ensure that your dog feels happy, warm, comfortable and dry when they are feeling vulnerable.

Diagnosis and Care for Your Dog

Having a poorly dog is something that requires a great deal of attention and care. If your dog is exhibiting the following signs, it’s important to monitor them closely and offer as much food, water and toilet breaks as needed. Show them love and care by patting them regularly and making sure they are close to you, especially if they seem to have altered their behaviour to be more withdrawn or quiet.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to contact your nearest vet for their advice:

  • Siccaro icon Excessive urinating. Diarrhoea. Or any other change in regular bowel movements.

  • Siccaro icon Lowered activity levels, more sleep than normal. General changes in attitude.

  • Siccaro icon Generally losing interest in things that would be normally interesting.

  • Siccaro icon Difficulty climbing stairs or getting up. Shaking of the head.

  • Siccaro icon Changing appetite with noticeable weight loss or gain.

  • Siccaro icon Excessive drooling or foul breath.

  • Siccaro icon Drinking more than usual.

  • Siccaro icon Skin irritations including dryness, itching, sores and lumps.

  • Siccaro icon Red, dry or cloudy looking eyes.

  • Siccaro icon Coughing, sneezing, trouble with breathing or unusually heavy panting.

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What is The Best Way to Get My Unwell Dog To The Vet or Animal Hospital?

If you need to get your dog to a veterinarian, the best way is to place it in a cage or crate, which is secured within a car or other vehicle. If your dog has been involved in an accident and has suspected broken bones, the last thing that it wants is a harness on whilst in transit. With as little movement as possible, place the dog inside a softly lined cage, ideally with a Siccaro FlexDog mat underneath the dog and travel as slowly and smoothly as possible to avoid bumping your dog about.

If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhoea then making sure a pee pad is between the dog and the mat is the best solution. By choosing, a good quality mat like the Siccaro FlexMat, if the mat gets soiled or dirty, the cover can be easily removed and then washed at 40 degrees centigrade, then tumble dried quickly unlike many other dog beds. It is also designed to fold over and fit into a crate.

Especially if your dog is in pain or suffering from broken bones, it is important to line the cage with something that will take the impact of bumps. The 3D foam inside the FlexMat is shock absorbent so that your dog is protected from impact in the case of a bumpy road. We recommend our Siccaro FlexDog Mat as the ultimate antibacterial cage-lining mat because it is a ventilated material that won’t let your dog get too overheated if they are feverish.

Making Your Dog Feel Comfortable Whilst at The Hospital or In Recovery

After surgery, dogs often need to stay at the animal hospital overnight or for a few days so that they can be monitored because there can be many complications during this time. Even though you will be anxious to get your dog home and back in familiar surroundings, it is important that you be patient and follow doctors orders.

In the case that your dog has to stay at the animal hospital, it is a great idea to see if you can leave something familiar behind. If your vet allows it, using your dog’s familiar FlexMat within the cage may be the perfect comfort, because it will contain that lovely familiar scent of home. Alternatively, a comfort toy might be permitted to keep them company and entertained.

Once you can finally leave, ensure you totally understand and follow your vet’s list of dos and don’ts. Again, make sure your dog is comfortable in her cage on the ride home. If you’re home directly after surgery, ensure you keep an eye on her as he might be woozy after anaesthetic. Lastly, make sure he rests, gets enough fluids and plenty of toilet breaks outside. Many dogs will need to be kept at low activity levels indoors which means providing lots of toys to chew on and perhaps some light snacks.

Some vets will even recommend periods of ‘crate rest’, which you must be sure to abide by, even if your dog isn’t used to being in a crate or cage. Make sure she’s entertained as much as possible by being surrounded by people, movement or even television or radio. Lastly, it’s a good idea to keep his favourite FlexMat inside the crate so that he feels comforted and able to relax on his favourite and familiar place to rest.

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Water Therapy For Dogs

Water therapy for dogs, otherwise known as canine hydrotherapy, is a revolutionary and wonderful new way to get dogs feeling good and fit again after a variety of different ailments. Water therapy was initially used to treat racehorses with leg injuries and after a while, dog owners also realised the benefits of hydrotherapy techniques on their dogs to strengthen and heal injuries. If your dog is old, suffering a degenerative disease or recovering from injury, water therapy can be a fun and wonderful activity to do together. It is incredibly beneficial and because swimming releases natural endorphins, not only will it help relax tight muscles, but it can also aid in pain relief.

Some larger purebred dogs such as German shepherds, Golden retrievers and Labradors can suffer hip dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans and smaller toy breeds can suffer from luxating patella. Ailments such as these can be quite common and sometimes difficult to provide relief to your dog. In this situation, normal weight bearing exercise can aggravate the condition, making dog water therapy the perfect solution, especially for overweight dogs. Many of our customer’s dogs that have surgeries that impair their movement, also love the calming relief of exercise without impact in the water.

There are some simple steps you can take after your session so that your dog feels comfortable and can be left relatively undisturbed after her water therapy session. There are three separate options from Siccaro that will help your dog to feel dry and warm afterwards depending on your dog and their particular coat and physical needs.

After Your Water Therapy

Once your dog is out of the pool, a Siccaro WetDog drying robe is our easiest and quickest option to dry up to 80% of moisture within 15 minutes which is great for all dogs, especially long hair dog breeds. If you have a shorter haired breed who takes little time to dry, the DryGloves may be a quick, suitable alternatively to bulky towel drying. Lastly, if it’s chilly and wet outside, you may want to simply put a WetDog Hunter jacket on and keep it on your dog for the journey home so that they are protected from the cold and also being dried simultaneously.

At Siccaro we have many loyal customers who swear by the calming effect of the WetDog fast drying robe on their dogs, because the snug fit of the WetDog robe and Hunter makes them feel like they are being held. This can be a great help if your dog is unsure of new people and environments or is just feeling sensitive after surgery or other treatments. Because the dogs don’t have to be towel dried afterwards they can be left to rest or play (depending on how they feel).

The simple closures mean that your dog doesn’t have to lift their legs to get the drying coat on which is brilliant for arthritis suffering dogs, whom don’t want to stand up for periods of time. It’s very tricky to dry the underside of a dog that is lying down, so the Siccaro WetDog drying robe and WetDog Hunter will allow your dog the rest and peace they deserve after their hard work.

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