Living in the city
and leading a busy life

This does not mean that you have to miss out on the beautiful luxury of having a dog. Owning a dog has even been linked to a variety of health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, decreasing stress and lowering anxiety within children, amongst other benefits. Sometimes it’s difficult to conceive just how it’s all going to work with a dog running around in an apartment but be rest assured, as soon as you get that adorable little pup in your arms and through the front door, you’ll work it all out.

When faced with having to downsize from a house to a smaller apartment, many people fret that their family dog will not be able to come with them. This is also untrue especially as a dog gets older with the family and it’s exercise requirements decrease a smaller home is definitely possible. If there is a will, there’s a way. Some extra training and considerations regarding dogs in flats are necessary but everything is possible when it comes to making sure your treasured family member stays with you.

It is important to consider that with downsizing or simply becoming a first time dog owner within an apartment, there are a few important tools that will make it much easier to have your dog within a smaller space. At Siccaro we understand your needs for space and efficiency so we have this at the forefront of our pet designs. We have a great range of products that are durable, foldable and easily laundered for your ease to make dog care easy and quick. By using a Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe, DryGloves and allowing your dog to rest on a compact FlexDog Mat, you’ll be quite set with the best accessories to care for your dog in your compact home.

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Walks and Exercise for Your Apartment Living Dog

There’s nothing better for your health as well as that of your pet, to have a walk outdoors. Fresh air, movement and nature are you and your dog’s secret to a good day and a healthy life together. As mentioned above, dogs that live in small spaces or homes without a yard to run around, need to get out and about as often as possible.

The thing is that on cold and wet days, it’s often easy to want to skip your walks but this just isn’t necessary if you have the right equipment. At Siccaro, the WetDog Hunter is the perfect dog jacket, with water resistant outer fabric and a warm inner, super absorbent textile, which will keep your dog dry and cosy on your trips out together.

If there’s been a sudden downpour on your journey out or your dog just likes to run through wet grass, we have many fans of the Siccaro Dry Gloves and again, the Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe to get their dogs dry in no time without fuss. These both also feature the antibacterial organic bamboo outer fabric along with the super absorbent inner textile, which will soak up approximately 80% of moisture in 15 minutes. We know from experience that a wet dog is often a smelly dog, which is why it’s important to dry them off as easily and quickly as possible so that your apartment and furniture don’t end up smelly and wet too.


Where Will My Dog Sleep
in Our New Smaller Home?

At Siccaro we adore dogs and after much study, have found that many dogs will sleep anywhere, any time. As long as they are tired! But if you want a great solution for your small apartment, then we have a specially designed product that will meet all your requirements.

If your flat is short on space, then the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is the perfect solution. It is compact, easily folds up if you need the extra space or want the space less cluttered for when guests are over. It has a special 3D shock absorbing inner layer, which is the perfect material to keep your canine comfortable whilst he sleeps or is in transit in the car or in a cage.

Our FlexDog Mat comes in four elegant colours and two sizes and can be folded without damaging the inner foam to fit within a dog’s bed, basket or kennel. It’s a lot better than old blankets because the outer organic bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties which means that the wet dog smell will not linger around. And when it comes to laundering, it’s super easy to wash it at 40 degrees Celsius and can be tumble dried which is excellent if you don’t have an outdoor drying area.


Questions for Apartment Dwelling Dog Owners

There is absolutely nothing in the world like the warm and uncomplicated companionship of a dog. Many breeds and dogs thrive being in smaller spaces as long as they have the necessary love and care that is required from their loved owner. If you lead a busy life and are looking for a canine companion for yourself or your flat dwelling family then look no further than the affection of a dog.

The first thing you will ask is “what makes a good apartment dog?” or “what is a good apartment dog breed?” It is a great idea to do your research and choose a dog breed that does not require huge amounts of exercise if you know your schedule will not allow for it. Dogs will always need to be walked so it is imperative that they get out at least twice per day (if not, more) where you can train them to do their toilet.

Then there are a whole host of questions such as: “where will my dog go to the bathroom?”, “where will my dog sleep?” and “how will I bath the dog without a lot of space?”. With correct training, a dog will learn the basics of where to use the bathroom but the next two questions can be a little more complicated. At Siccaro, we understand and have your needs in mind with all of our pet and especially dog accessories. We know that you need no fuss, easily stored and easily laundered pet care tools.


Interested in Siccaro for your dog?

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If you're interested in investing in the best quality equipment for your dog then look no further than the Siccaro wetdog range.

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Wondering how you and your dog can benefit from the Siccaro product range? Then please watch this short video.


How Do I Bath My Dog in A Small Space?

Here are just a few tips for bathing dogs for people in small homes, apartments, flats or condos.

  • Siccaro icon Ensure your dog’s coat has had a thorough brushing, ideally this could be done outside if it’s feasible so that extra fur and shedding does not spread through your home.

  • Siccaro icon Either use an infant bath or if your dog fits in the sink, even better! If not, just wet your dog down in the shower and lather with a dog shampoo that’s appropriate for your dog. Then rinse well avoiding getting the soap in eyes and ears.

  • Siccaro icon Lastly, if there is a shower curtain or screen, allow them a good shake off to eliminate the excess moisture and then you can simply wrap them in the Siccaro WetDog fast drying robe and let them run around, rest or play.

This final step is a new and ingenious method of drying for many apartment dwelling dog owners who have struggled to keep their furniture from getting wet after bathing their dogs. Now dogs in small spaces can feel safe and happy after being bathed without having to be bothered and frightened by the sound of loud hair dryers or being rubbed rigorously with endless towels.

The Siccaro WetDog drying robe isn’t just for dogs. Many cat owners who have indoor dwelling cats have found that when bathing their own cats, the WetDog robe is a great help to settle and quickly dry off their wet cats who detest being rubbed down with towels or even worse, blow dried!

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