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Dry paws, ears, legs, face
Dry multiple pets quickly
Compact & transportable
For dogs, horses cats, rabbits

The Siccaro DryGloves are made with two layers of fabric including an extremely absorbent layer of Wet2Dry fabric that can soak up to 7x its weight in water along with an viscose layer of terry cloth made from organic fibres. Wet2Dry fabric reduces dog odour and bacteria because it has naturally antibacterial properties. It’s the perfect solution for quickly and safely drying your dog, horse or other pet along with any other spills in your home or car.

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closer view of four Siccaro DryGloves

Car Protection

Siccaro DryGloves are the perfect cleaning tool to keep in the car after being out and about because they can mop up the excess water that a wet dog may have left behind, or even any water that you have brought into the car on your shoes or rain clothes. They easily removes dirt and soaks up moisture which means it’s great to store them in the car glovebox in case of an unexpected sudden downpour, muddy conditions or even a swim.

Siccaro DryGloves label

Wet2Dry Fabric Technology

At the core of our unique Siccaro DryGloves is a special textile technology that Siccaro has developed called Wet2Dry. The unique Wet2Dry fabric can absorb over 7 times it's weight in water which means it gets wet dogs and pets dry quickly. The Wet2Dry textile is quilted together with a layer of viscose terry towel made from organic fibres, which adds an extra layer of absorbency. Wet2Dry also has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which means that unpleasant 'wet dog' odour is reduced and they won't affect the odour of your car and home.

Siccaro DryGloves inside stitches

Compact Storage & Transport

The handy hook makes them easy to store and dry at home in the entrance of your home, laundry area or drying closet ready for use as soon as they are needed. If you are heading on holiday with your pet in a camper van, camping, on a boat or holiday home it’s always good to bring compact equipment such as the DryGloves that will help to clean water and spills quickly and easily.

Nicole of Moe & Me

The DryGloves look like fireproof oven gloves at first sight. They are intended for "smaller" surfaces, ie when, for example, only the belly or the paws have become wet. Before use, the gloves should have once passed through the washing machine and the dryer so that they are more absorbent. The really positive thing about the gloves is that they are ideal for small areas. Due to the special fabric, the gloves are stable, antibacterial and do not smell of "wet dog" after use.

Nicole, Moe & Me
different features of a Siccaro DryGloves

Why Pet Owners Enjoy Using Siccaro® DryGloves

Unlike other pet drying gloves or mitts, the Siccaro DryGloves are the most effective at absorbing water and best for the health of your pet. This is because they feature a unique and highly absorbent textile called Wet2Dry on the inner which can absorb over 7 times its weight in water. It also features antibacterial properties which aid in keeping your animal’s fur hygenic and ensure odours don't linger on the gloves.

Some of our happy customers who enjoy using the DryGloves are owners of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and even guinea pigs and hamsters. The gloves are extremely soft and due to the softly textured terry fabric which is a viscose made from organic fabric. They are able to lightly brush down the fur of your pet to remove small dirt particles and loose fur which is great to use after a bath or just as a soft and comforting grooming tool.

Many horse owners love to rub down their horse’s coat to give it a light polish with the gloves and they find they are perfect drying mitts for after a wash. The DryGloves can be used after your dog or cat has been bathed to quickly soak up moisture on your pet and also any water that has spilt in the bathroom. Many dog owners buy the gloves to dry the face, ears, paws and tail of their dog whilst they wear either the Siccaro Supreme Pro or Spirit WetDog drying coat to get excess moisture off these sensitive areas. New dog owners use the gloves when their dogs are still puppies so that they can quickly and easily dry off their busy puppies. Because we advise that the Supreme Pro WetDog and Spirit WetDog dog drying coats should fit your full grown dog, many dog owners purchase the DryGloves before their dog is full grown. The DryGloves act as an intermediate tool to help dry their dog when they are puppies but it’s a perfect thing to keep in the car, clean up spills after bath time and clean around the house once your dog has progressed to the Supreme Pro WetDog and Spirit WetDog dog drying coat.

Lastly the Siccaro DryGloves are an amazing cleaning tool. We all know that after a bath or a long walk in wet conditions, a dog can be quick to spread water and paw prints in the home. You can also use the DryGloves to soak up any other spills around your home because it’s an amazing, chemical-free cleaning tool. We suggest that using the DryGloves is a great antibacterial way to mop up spills, especially after a bath. Once the DryGloves have been used for some time and need laundering, they can be easily machine washed at 30C degrees and tumble dried at low heat.

Our textiles are quilted together and produced in Europe to meet our high quality standards and ensure durability for our customers. It’s always assuring to know that your pet is getting the best care possible, which is what we aim to deliver with all our products at Siccaro.

The organic fibre DryGloves come in various colours and one size fits all.


The Perfect Accompaniment to the Siccaro range

Some of our customers who are professional breeders, dog trainers, horse owners or vetinarians love using the DryGloves in combination with our other products because they see the incredible absorbency that they can deliver. DryGloves are the perfect solution to dry sensitive and hard to reach places on your pet. For extremely thick coated or long haired dog breeds, the DryGloves are excellent at drying and cleaning off dirt and moisture from paws and legs before your dog hops into the car after a walk. They can also help clean up after your dog in your home, car or office space, especially if you need something to clean up shedding fur. If you rub down your shedding dog with the DryGloves whilst you dry them after a bath you can also help catch the last of your dog’s shedding before it reaches the rest of your home.

Siccaro DryGloves next to a bag with the brand name Siccaro
dog wrapped in Olive-coloured Siccaro WetDog drying coat

At Siccaro we strive to create products that will last for the life of your beloved friend. We have repeatedly tried and tested our whole range on a variety of dogs big and small, calm and playful. As a result, we strive to make the best quality animal care products on the market. Our products are made using a soft blend of viscose and organic fibres in order to make your dog feel happy, cosy and dry. This viscose textile has been created for our Supreme Pro, Spirit, Splash dog robes, DryGloves, and FlexDog Mat which means there is no other product on the market that will match the same high level of absorbency as Siccaro products. The FlexLock has been uniquely designed with easy use for people young and old, and you can easily operate it with gloves on or in the cold. We produce our range of products within Europe to comply with our own high standards of production and the high level of quality we require for our own animals and those of our valued customers.

Siccaro products are ultimately designed to enhance the lifestyle of you and your dog but to us, to create a quality product is to create something that is good for the environment. We have designed and manufactured the DryGloves with the highest quality material and manufacturing processes so that the more you use your DryGloves the better they get. This is literally true because the inner absorbent textile does not reach full absorbency until you wash it more than 2-3 times to loosen the fibres.

Because the DryGloves do not need to be washed after each use, you will use less water and electricity in the long run. It is a much better solution than using ordinary towels that need to be repeatedly washed after each use because they accumulate bad odour from bacteria. By simply hanging the DryGloves to dry in a well ventilated place after use, you can enjoy multiple uses without laundering. The Wet2Dry fabric has anti-bacterial properties resulting in reduced mould and odour, which means that it won’t begin to smell like regular towels will after drying your pets.

We have been developing, testing and improving the materials used for our Siccaro range of absorbent products since 2012 to ensure that we deliver the best possible dog and pet products in the world. DryGloves have also been thoroughly tested in everyday life by countless dog and horse owners as well as in veterinarian clinics. We enjoy your feedback and encourage you to contact us via email and Facebook with anything you’d like to share including photos and stories about you and your pet. We believe that a good quality product that lasts a long time is much better than spending your money on inferior quality that does not last and ends up in the bin.

We have designed the Siccaro DryGloves to be as easy to care for, as they are to use. After multiple uses or excessive soiling of the DryGloves, simply put them into the washing machine at up to 30C Degrees. It is also possible to hand wash or rinse them in luke warm water if required. Ensure that you wring out or gently spin dry to eliminate excess water before hanging to dry or tumble drying. (See note on detergents below)

To dry the DryGloves after using them, simply hang them to dry in the sunshine or a well ventilated area. You can also tumble dry at a low heat. After washing if you do not have a dryer, simply spin dry excess moisture in the washing machine and hang them up to dry near a radiator or in a warm room, or outside in sunshine.

Washing Detergents
We recommend using non-biological detergent in powder form. A non-biological powder (marked non-bio on product labels) is preferable to a biological (marked bio on product labels). This is because biological powders contain enzymes that can adversely affect natural fabrics. You can use any of the ‘non-bio’ marked powders available in the supermarkets, or a 'deep green' powder such as Bio D or Clear Springs, which are often available in health food shops. Whatever you use, you will need no more than half the usual recommended dose for a full load. It is mostly the temperature of the water, which kills any bacteria present in the fabric, not detergent.

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