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Cocoon ICE

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Super absorbent
Form fitting (non slip)
Naturally antibacterial fabric
Bamboo, heat regulating fabric

The Cocoon ICE is a revolutionary rug for the well-being of your horse due to its ability to both draw moisture from a damp, sweaty horse whilst simultaneously providing heat. It will ensure that your horse’s muscles are insulated and warmed after riding, whilst quickly removing moisture.

Due to the form fitting shape, your horse can enjoy a regulated ‘cool-down’ ensuring that muscles don’t chill in colder weather or after rigorous exercise.
Available in bamboo green and in one size to fit small Arab horses, ponies and Icelandic horses*.

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Cocoon ICE™ - Innovation for horses

Cocoon ICE is an innovative and totally unique, sweat absorbent horse rug made from the finest technically engineered bamboo fabric. The incomparable element of this technical sweat absorbent rug is that the bamboo fleece has been impregnated with bamboo charcoal particles. This means that it both reflects and conducts heat, thus warming and insulating the horse whilst simultaneously drying it. It will effectively provide natural warmth to your horse after they have been active and ensure they get dry fast.

The design of the Cocoon ICE horse rug is designed to lie close to the horse's body allowing the moisture of the horse’s sweat to be wicked away from the skin by the rug, passing through the fabric, then quickly evaporating.
Cocoon ICE is ideal for use after rigorous training or competitions, such as eventing, endurance riding or racing. It can also be used to keep the horse warm when in transit without the potential issue of the horse over-heating due to its outstanding wicking properties.

Bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial properties which means that the textile won’t begin to smell and collect bacteria like other textiles. It also means that it will not be prone to mould and rot like other rugs. The Cocoon ICE can be washed at 30 degrees in the machine and hung to dry outdoors.

Benefits of the Cocoon ICE™:

  • Siccaro icon The bamboo textile is impregnated with charcoal particles which conduct and reflect heat both wicking moisture/sweat away from the skin whilst keeping your horse warm as its muscles cool down after activity.

  • Siccaro icon Natural fibres allow for ventilation, comfort and fast moisture absorbency. The perfect cooling rug.

  • Siccaro icon The absorbent, natural fibres ensure that the moisture evaporates quickly from the rug.

  • Siccaro icon Unique bamboo fleece has absorbent and natural anti-bacterial properties to prevent odour, mould and rot.

  • Siccaro icon Well fitting shape with a sturdy military grade zipper along the neck for a good fit and long lasting durability.

  • Siccaro icon Comes in an elegant signature Siccaro bamboo green colour.

  • Siccaro icon Easy to machine wash at 30 degrees and air dry.

  • Siccaro icon Available in one size only and is designed to fit small Arab horses, ponies and Icelandic horses.

  • Siccaro icon An adjustable panel that covers the belly of the horse is secured using specially engineered FlexLock clips with comfortable stretchy surcingles, which hold the cover firmly in place.

Siccaro Cocoon ICE horse rug in Bamboo colour
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