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AirPad ICE

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Increased contact with horse
Impact reducing 3D mesh
Non slip
Reduced sweat below saddle

AirPad ICE is an innovative, all purpose saddle pad that reduces sweat accumulation beneath the saddle and has excellent shock absorption. The streamlined design uses technical 3D shock absorbent mesh meaning you can have close contact with your horse and your saddle won’t slip or tear the horses hair.

The AirPad ICE is a perfect saddle pad for cold and hot climates. It is easy to wash with added stability, support and comfort for you and your horse.

Available in one size. Optional reflective lining for added visibility.

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AirPad ICE uses a new and innovative, 3D supported mesh that allows an unprecedented level of shock absorption, air flow, support and comfort for you and your horse.

Initially the AirPad ICE was invented for Icelandic horses to solve the issue of sweat accumulation beneath the saddle because in colder months it’s simply not healthy for a warm horse to have a wet back.

The unique and dynamic material prevents the sweat and heat under the saddle to a degree that has not been previously possible. It also means that the saddle pad is not wet after use, and therefore can be used again and again without having to change pads.

Besides the unique breathable qualities, the three-dimensional structure of the material gives a noticeable impact reduction and pressure-absorbing effect. The AirPad ICE distributes pressure from the rider in an even and supported way that benefits both the horse and the rider's back. The unique honeycomb mesh structure is hollow which allows it to ergonomically mould to the horse allowing the lightweight saddle pad to sit firmly in place without tearing the fur or causing discomfort to the horse. This means that it is the ideal saddle pad for a wide variety of horse sports including eventing, endurance as well as vigorous sports such as polo.

Air Pad ICE is extremely easy to clean. You can either rinse it in water to remove dirt or machine wash it. After a spin cycle in the washing machine, the saddle pad will be virtually dry and any residual moisture should be gone within half an hour if hung in a well ventilated and warm area.

It has unique and helpful features such hooks that can be attached to the saddle, as well as velcro strips to ensure easy access to the girth straps. We are proud to set a new standard for saddle pads.


  • Siccaro icon Ergonomic, flexible and shock absorbent newly engineered 3D padded, honeycomb mesh.

  • Siccaro icon Suitable for all equestrian sports and activities including competition and endurance riding.

  • Siccaro icon Provides impact reduction to both the rider and the horse.

  • Siccaro icon Allows prolonged usage without having to change and clean wet saddle pads.

  • Siccaro icon Easy to rinse off dirt or wash in the machine at 40 degrees and can be spin dried.

  • Siccaro icon Available without or with reflective lining for maximum visibility.

  • Siccaro icon Comes in one size. Suitable for most sized saddles.

  • Siccaro icon Hollow inner textile means that air flow is maximised, alleviating sweat and heat build up beneath.

  • Siccaro icon Perfect for warm or colder climates where sweat build up is an issue.

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