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Splash Dog Drying Robe

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Reduces wet dog odour
Simple & quick to put on
80% dry within 15 mins

The SPLASH super absorbent dog drying robe gets dogs 80% dry within 15 minutes. It features a unique super absorbent inner felted viscose for absorbency and the outer is a durable cotton. The tailored fit enables the dog’s chest, upper legs, outer hind quarters, back, neck and ears to dry quickly whilst the dog enjoys perfect freedom of movement. It is ideal after rainy walks, swimming or a bath and the unique SICCARO absorbent fabric helps to reduce wet dog smell along with reducing dirt distributed in the home and car.

It features a specially designed easy-use ClickLock that can be operated with one hand or with gloves on. Girth size is also adjustable due to the adjustable belly strap.
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Size guide

The size of the Splash robe depends of the length measured from the root of the tail to the base of the neck when the head is raised. Is your dog right between 2 sizes? Consider this: if you have a lean dog, go for the smaller size. If your dog has a large head and a strong neck and chest, the larger size may work better.

SizeDorsal Length
XS 20-27cm
S 27-37cm
M 37-47cm
L 47-57cm
XL 57-65cm

dog size guide

If in doubt, please contact us as a fee of £20 will be charged if you need a WetDog redelivered in a different size.

dog wearing SICCARO WetDog Spirit outdoor dog coat with different features pointed out

Why Dog Owners Love Splash Dog Drying Robe

Over the years of inventing, testing, trialling and using WetDog we have perfected the WetDog robe, to ensure it is the best on the market. Dogs new, old, long and short haired, big and small, indoors and outdoors all enjoy using the Siccaro WetDog. The range of dog owners and practitioners who are devoted fans of the Siccaro WetDog speaks for itself when it comes to the high quality and effectiveness of this dog robe. Our happy customers include individuals and families who have one or multiple dogs that hugely benefit from using our WetDog coat. If you have multiple dogs who have just had a swim, the excitement and the mess can be overwhelming to control. With WetDog, large families of dogs can easily get their dogs dry and calm as many dog owners have reported that the snug fit of drying coat has a calming effect on excited or frightened dogs. Living in smaller homes with less space to wash and dry your dog, the WetDog is also an invaluable resource for an apartment dweller with a dog. Many professionals who regularly handle dogs are also amongst our dedicated customers. These include police dogs, military dogs, guard dogs, guide dogs and other service dogs who need to be quickly and efficiently dried after rainy walks or training outdoors and also after bathing. Vets and dog physiotherapists, including water therapists have also given the Siccaro WetDog their seal of approval. The WetDog robe is also enjoyed by many dog salon owners and grooming professionals. Together with the FlexDog Mat, these two tools alleviate the need for excessive electric dryers and allow the dogs to feel calm and relaxed after washing. Lastly many sports dogs including Agility owners, International Working Test competitors and various other competition dogs benefit from getting their dogs warm and dry after wet trials or simply for efficient grooming.

dog wrapped in Siccaro WetDog drying robe cuddled by a woman


  • Siccaro icon Quick to put on and dries 80% of moisture within 15 minutes

  • Siccaro icon Less mess and bother when washing your dog especially multiple dogs

  • Siccaro icon A simple dog drying solution after wet outdoor activities

  • Siccaro icon Protection from water damage of you car, office and home

  • Siccaro icon Light, compact and transportable which means it can be stored in the office, your car, campervan, boat, tent or taken on any other holiday

  • Siccaro icon It is easily washed at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried at low heat

  • Siccaro icon Easy to put on the simple ClickLock system assists people with children, arthritis or movement issues to use it

  • Siccaro icon Does not hold bad odour like towels do and less towels to wash

  • Siccaro icon Made in Europe with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity

  • Siccaro icon Can catch ticks moving on the fur before they latch onto the skin

  • Siccaro icon The unique fabric can hold 7 times it's weight in water yet dries rapidly after use

Washing We have designed the Splash Dog drying robe to be as easy to care for, as it is to use.
After multiple uses, or if your dog has got the Splash robe dirty, simply put the dog coat into the washing machine at up to 30 Degrees Celsius. It is also possible to hand wash or rinse the robe in warm water if required, ensure that you gently spin dry or wring the garment out to eliminate excess water before hanging to dry or tumble drying.

Drying: To dry the Splash dog drying robe simply tumble dry at a low heat. If you do not have a dryer, simply spin it well after washing and hang it up to dry near a radiator or in a warm room, or outside in sunshine.

If you have hand washed or rinsed the Splash robe in cold or warm water, it is good to spin dry or wring the excess moisture from the coat before line or tumble drying.

Note: When you first get your Splash WetDog it will not have it’s full absorbency capacity. It can be washed or rinsed in warm water (not over 30C degrees) a couple of times before wearing but it will work perfectly fine without laundering before use.

Having said this, bamboo fabrics can take up to 10 washes to reach full absorbency - you can use them straight away, but they will improve over the first few weeks use and a couple of washes. To wash the Splash, we recommend using non-biological detergent in powder form. We believe that a non-biological powder is preferable to a biological - this is because biological powders contain enzymes that can adversely affect natural fabrics such as cotton and particularly bamboo.

You can use any of the ‘non-bio’ marked powders available in the supermarkets, or a 'deep green' powder such as Bio D or Clear Springs, which are often available in health food shops. Whatever you use, you will need no more than half the usual recommended dose for a full load.

Warnings - Keep your dog out of the water and on a leash around water bodies once the WetDog robe is on. The coat can absorb a huge amount of water which will weigh your dog down and pose a risk of drowning.
- Tuck any lose straps into the coat or underneath the coat so that they don’t get caught on thorny bushes or any other places.
- Do not leave the coat on for a long time in hot weather. If you are using the coat for drying purposes in warm months then remove after a maximum of half an hour to prevent your dog overheating.
- Do not leave your dog in the car on a hot sunny day with the WetDog robe or Hunter on. You should never do this, regardless of whether the coat is on or not, especially if the windows are sealed because temperatures rise quickly within a stationary car in the sun.
- Do not let your dog near open flames or exposed radiators whist wearing the WetDog Splash, Supreme Pro, or Spirit dog coats.

One of our well known customers put it aptly, as author and blogger of well known Max in the Lake District put it: “Now admittedly the jackets are not cheap but I’ve always been an advocate of ‘buy cheap buy twice’. ” Flick through our News section to read some further reviews from professional dog handlers, trainers, happy household customers. The real magic of the Siccaro WetDog is that it absorbs so quickly and with such little effort that you will quickly forget the days of wet dog smell in the car and mountains of smelly towels.

During our research on absorbent fibres, textiles and woven material, we explored a large number of different materials, and ended up committing to a very special viscose textile unlike others we had previously seen. We decided to invest on the best textiles we could find for moisture absorbency and hence, there is no other dog robe which will suck moisture like the WetDog. When combined with the bamboo terry cloth with it’s absorbent and antibacterial properties, we have uncovered the perfect combination for the SICCARO WetDog robe collection.

Siccaro products are ultimately designed to enhance the lifestyle of you and your dog but to us, to create a quality product is to create something that is good for the environment. We have designed and manufactured our dog drying robes and coats with the highest quality material and manufacturing processes so that the more you use your Splash dog robe the better it gets.

Because WetDog Splash does not need to be washed after each use, you will use less water and electricity in the long run. It is a much better solution than using ordinary towels that need to be repeatedly washed after each use. By simply hanging the Splash robe to dry in a well ventilated place after use, you can enjoy multiple uses without laundering.
We have been developing, testing and improving the materials used for the our dog robe range since 2012 to ensure that we deliver the best possible dog robe on the market. It has also been thoroughly tested in everyday life by countless dog owners, during prolonged hunts and in veterinarian clinics. We enjoy your feedback and encourage you to contact us via email and Facebook with anything you’d like to share including photos and stories about you and your dog. We believe that a good quality product that lasts a long time is much better than spending your money on inferior quality that does not last and ends up in the bin.

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