Police dogs are some of the most admirable and hardworking animals around. Police dogs can be trained to sniff out illegal substances, locate explosives or as we’ve recently seen in earthquake devastated areas, they are essential in seeking out and recovering people who have become trapped beneath fallen buildings. They are our real life heroes who help our society immensely without a huge amount of credit.

So it is essential to provide these dogs and their handlers with the most premium equipment so that they can get warm, dry and comfortable when needed. We’ve had a number of police dog handlers trial and review our range in the last year or so. The reviews and feedback have been so wonderful and we are really chuffed to have so many of these professional and hardworking dogs enjoying our fast drying range of coats in order to get dry after water training, training in wet conditions or after bath time.

It seems that our FlexDog Mats are also loved. As explained below, the hollow, lightweight and shock absorbent core makes this mat ideal for many dogs who get overheated sitting on top of heat conducting latex materials. We see time and time again, dogs who just love sitting on our FlexDog mats which are soft and easy to care for. The owners are also surprised because they just don’t hold onto wet dog smells like other dog beds do.

It’s not only been police here in Denmark that have enjoyed the benefits, the Norwegian and UK police dogs have also had trials of the Siccaro range.

Inspector Annie Revely, Nottinghamshire Police:

“The Kennel staff are really pleased with it. What they find is that the dogs can settle and get drier much quicker which is obviously really good for us because it enables them to know that the animals are well cared for. And equally know that when they are dealing with a dog like Buddy and they have nearly another maybe dozen to go through that they will get him dry quickly and back in his kennel quickly.

We have the washing machine on constantly (washing towels) but we find with this (Supreme Pro) is that, it will go through the wash, dry quickly and then be back in use which is a lot better than using towels.”

UK Police Inspector Annie Revely and Buddy the police dog.


Norwegian police dog handler Leif Erik has been using the SICCARO FlexDog Mat and had this to say about it:

“I’ve used FlexDog Mat continuously since I bought it. It has alternated between lying in the living room as the dog lying place, it has been in the dog cage in the patrol car and it has been in the civilian car traveling to winter mountain Røldalsvatnet.

The mat was instantly dog’s favorite place in the living room. Where the dog previously appeared somewhat “restless” and changed room because the floor or the old bed was hot, so he is now stuck on the FlexDog mat.

In the patrol car I put the mat twice and it fits perfectly when the cage. Previously I used standard rubber mats with foam inserts. The big difference here is that with wetdog dog has better padding against the ground, and he does not slip around the cage when we are actively driving as he does on rubber mats.

In winter, the mountain dog was often wet and was placed in the car. It seemed like the mat dried up relatively quickly in spite of the low temperature and gave the dog a comfortable resting place.

A BIG plus is that the mat is easy to keep clean and smell gets very small extent in the fabric – really almost imperceptible. If you put your nose right against and sniff you can slightly smell it … and if it gets bad you only have to throw it in the washing machine.

All in all I am very satisfied! It is not the world’s cheapest mat, but it is not more expensive than many other mats. Looking at the cost / benefit, this mat a real star in my eyes. You get pretty much what you pay for, something that surely proves itself”

If you’ve had a good experience with SICCARO too please let us know. All of your feedback and responses are valued so please don’t forget to email us if you feel inclined.