When you come across people as humble and genuine as Andy Cullen it can be easy to forget the incredible successes he has worked hard to achieve. His humility and accomplishments are vast and even well commended. For example it isn’t broadcasted on his home page at Laochin Gundogs that he has an MBE after his name, which he was awarded from Her Majesty for his service in the military. Upon asking whether we should use this address in this text he said “it’s up to you, I don’t mind.”

Aside from his merits in military service, his passion and talent lay in the realm of gundog training where Andy has won numerous Field Trial awards and has been part of representing Scotland at The Game Fair. He was also voted as Gundog Trainer of the Year in 2011 and awarded the Keith Erlandson Memorial Trophy. He regularly trains both experienced and beginner dogs with his motto being:

“Training all types of Gundogs for all types of People”

What also sets his training sessions apart from the rest is that he is based in Hulne Park, Alnwick which is the grounds of the private estate of the Duke of Northumberland allowing him an incredible training ground for himself and his clients.  

Andy Cullen with Springer Spaniel retrieving dummy from water – Sarah Caldecott Photography

“Andy Cullen is, in my opinion, one of the best in the business.” says one of his clients. Another, TH Connell of Scotland quotes, “He is calm, patient and knowledgeable and has a way with dogs that is highly admirable.  He is able to pass on his way to the handlers with the most beneficial results.”

We have been incredibly lucky here at Siccaro with Andy Cullen joining our stands at both The British Shooting Show earlier this year and also visiting again at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall where we collaborated with Sporting Saint to present our collection of dog robes, FlexDog Mats and DryGloves. Andy has been trialling and using Siccaro products for just under a year and he finds them a great tool in wet conditions or when doing water retrieves.

He had this to say about Siccaro: “When it’s cold and wet and you’ve finished training or working your dogs it is great to put the Siccaro robe on your dog and know that in under 15 minutes they will be warm and dry. I have tried lots of different dog drying coats,  and the Siccaro robe basically does what it says on the tin. When keeping dogs in good health and top condition after a hard day, Siccaro robes really work superbly!”

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All photos have been taken by award winning photographer Sarah Caldecott Photography

You can see him here also on Youtube with his dogs at the end of the day in their Siccaro kit: