As the weather thaws and the paws get paddling, there’s no better time than to get out and about in Spring weather. How are you all doing with ticks? We’ve caught a bundle after wet morning dewy walks. They get caught in our WetDog drying robes and the best part is we can just pick them straight off the jacket before they settle in on our Labradoodle’s flesh.

We’ve also enjoyed a couple of visits to UK fairs. Getting out and about to shows around the country means that we can celebrate the countryside, local community, the nature, fresh produce and the people.

We had a ball at the All About Dogs Show in Essex with many lovely families (including dogs!) coming along to meet, greet and lick us! And with some heavy downpours in between blue skies, we were able to show people how our range really works wonders for all your dogs and gets them dry in chilly conditions, rather quickly.

The next event that we’ll be at will be at the well known Highclere Castle show which will be held on the weekend of May 28-29th. It’s going to be a cracker of an event with loads to see, eat and do. They even have a dog creche where you can leave your dog for up to 4 hours whilst you take a toilet break or eat your lunch in peace without having to share. But of course, it’s always polite to bring a doggy bag back with something to share! Needless to say, we’re thoroughly excited and looking forward to seeing some shows, the crowd and soaking up some sunshine.

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The Gamefair 2017 – 28th – 30th of July at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire (stall number TBA)