Last week we were incredibly excited to learn that our great friend Kate Humble would be attending Crufts 2018. It’s always great to get in touch and see our celebrity friends, especially Kate who is such a wonderful advocate for canine friendship as well as environmental conservation.  We then found out that she would be there to support Medical Detection Dogs because along with other UK celebrities, she is one of their select ambassadors. We asked whether there was any way that we could also support them whilst at Crufts and we rapidly pulled together the idea of holding a charity raffle for them.

Who are Medical Detection Dogs you ask? Well, the answer is an entirely fascinating and wonderful one. Dr Claire Guest started out 10 years ago training her pup Daisy to scent detect the odour of cancer samples as an ongoing curious endeavour. As Daisy’s sense of smell proved to be more and more accurate Dr Guest knew that this new area of research could prove to be lifesaving in a vast number of ways.

Later on in their journey Daisy, was able to save her owners life by detecting early onset of cancer and thus enabling Dr Guest to get timely treatment for the disease. Daisy sadly passed away this year in February which was a true loss for the foundation however, her memory lives on through the impressive work of the other dogs in training and out in the field who continue to work tirelessly in innovations to detect new diseases and test the current techniques.  The organisation is now 10 years on and is celebrating a fantastic decade of work with the achievements including having saved a number of lives through early cancer detection as well as alerting people who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes when they are at risk.

It is utterly remarkable that these wonderful dogs do such brilliant ongoing work to assist humans in staying healthy. The list of detectable diseases that they are training the dogs to scent detect is growing with ‘Bio scent detection’ of Urological cancers and breast cancer as well as early “medical alert” detection of various medical conditions including low blood sugar in diabetics in order to alert them before a seizure or fainting might occur. In this way, the dogs have so far saved many people from death and also enabled people to seek early treatment for cancer – these dogs are true heroes in every sense of the word.

Aside from being a great start to our first ever experience at Crufts we were honoured with some visits by the Medical Detection Dogs with their trainers too! We’ve already had the wonderful pleasure of meeting 3 talented dogs and their trainers.

Below is Presley with his trainer – he is only 14 months old but is already able to detect diabetic lows.

Below is Kizzy from Medical Detection dogs and she can sniff out prostate cancer.

This is Magic, a majestic Labrador who is a specialist detecting diabetic alerts.

If you are heading to Crufts 2018 in the next few days and would like to donate some spare change and go into the running to win yourself a Siccaro Supreme Pro drying robe, worth up to £139 – entry is only £1!

The entry forms are at our stand – Hall 4, Stand 98 where you can enter as well as find out who has won the prize. The raffle will be drawn daily at 3.30pm.

All proceeds go to Medical Detection Dogs UK and you can visit their website here

Or visit them on other social media via the following links:

Facebook: Medical Detection Dogs

Twitter: @MedDetectDogs

Instagram: Medicaldetectiondogs

You can also see them on social media at #MDDCrufts