It’s no easy task trying to impress one of the most well known adventure dogs in Britain. Max is a rather handsome Springer Spaniel who dwells within Britain’s famed and flourishing Lake District. His adventures see him galavanting around the rolling hills and making use of the gorgeous scenery for his famed photo-shoots.

His immense following of 45,000+ followers on Facebook is testament to the fact that besides having an owner with exceptional photography skills, that he’s just a really great looking dog with a keen sense of fun and frivolity. We have all become addicted to his posts which are both inspiring artistically but also make us want to drop everything, take our dogs and explore the great outdoors together with the wind in our ears.

Max out in the Lake District – Springer Spaniel

So let’s just say that we were more than flabbergasted when he decided to leave us one of the kindest reviews we’ve read on using the WetDog. It was so fantastic that our idol dog, a springer spaniel with a penchant for a muddy dip could see the spectrum of helpfulness that we feel the WetDog brings once you have it in your life. From the car trip, to after rainy walks and post bath cuddles – it makes it all just that little bit cosier, and lets be honest – less smelly.

Without further ado, here’s what he said:

We’ve had lots of questions asking about the drying jacket Max was wearing the other day so thought we’d write a piece about it while sat on the train heading to Crufts. Can I just say there are no sausages been handed out so Max is not happy!
Bare with me as I’m no product reviewer!
I’ve always used old bath or micro fibre towels to dry off our intrepid long eared water explorer. Drying sessions start as soon as he gets back to the van from a dip which in itself is a torrid affair, normally in a car park or lay by on the lake shore. Part two of the drying session starts at the front door with Max leading me through several rooms before he decides in which room I can dry him.
I’m not really a fan of microfibre towels as it seems to push water around Max’s coat rather that dry it. You then end up with an almost dry dog alongside a big pile of wet pungent towels to wash and the inevitable smell of ‘wet dog’ in the van and at home, wife not happy, at all.

The drying coat we use is by Siccaro and its made of Bamboo and Viscose which evidently absorbs water by magic. And believe me it does. Instruction say to wash the jacket first as it will shrink first wash. I’m a man, didn’t read the instructions but it worked fine.
I put the coat on just before he got in the van, it fitted easily with two quick release buckles around the body, two rear leg straps and a zip neck fastening.

Immediately you realise there is no residual smell of ‘Eau de wet dog’ in the van or the inevitable shake with water splatters and thick fog of hair over the dashboard and windows. The coat pulls up over very long ears too which stops propellant hitting you in the face and eyes as you drive. Very handy and safety first!

It took twenty minutes to get home, Max curled up looking somewhat like a seal beside me.
Once home I checked to see if the coat had done its job and yes it had. Virtually dry and surprisingly not aromatic at all. Max promptly walked into the living room, looked at the sofa with the ‘Where’s my blanket’ look. Once manservant had provided such luxury item, Max hopped into the curled ball position and fell asleep. Still wearing the jacket. I peeled it off him about 10 minutes later and he was dry.

Now admittedly the jackets are not cheap but I’ve always been an advocate of ‘buy cheap buy twice’. I’ve since washed the drying coat and as we live in one of the wettest places in the UK, it rains (a lot) and I have a dog that likes to hurl himself of jetties when the sun shines, the drying coat will get used. He is a dog that loves life, I’m a human that loves my dog.
I’d recommend the coat and if Max could talk I think he would too, he could probably point at it and nod in agreement. We are the converted. My wife is happy, I’d suggest getting one and keep your partner (and your dog) happy too.

If you feel that the WetDog drying coat might be for you and your dog you can check it out here and if you’re worried it may not live up to expectations, then there’s no risk because we offer your money back if you’re not satisfied after 100 days.

You can see Max’s Facebook page and click like to follow him here