Top dogs give seal of approval to SICCARO

Police dogs are some of the most admirable and hardworking animals around. We've had a number of police dog handlers trial and review our range in the last year or so. The reviews and feedback have been so wonderful and we are really chuffed to have so many of these professional and hardworking dogs enjoying our fast drying range .

6 Signs of an Overheated Dog & What To Do

How do you tell if your dog is too hot? How should I prepare for an impending heatwave? There are many things to think about with a dog, especially those that have long coats. Here's a good run down of what you need to consider to help your dog through extreme heat.

Siccaro at UK Shows 2017

As the weather thaws and the paws get paddling, there's no better time than to get out and about in Spring weather. How are you all doing with ticks? We've caught a bundle after wet morning dewy walks. They get caught in our WetDog drying robes and the best part is we...

Max Out in the Lake District Trials Drying Coat

It's no easy task trying to impress one of the most well known adventure dogs in Britain. Max is a rather handsome Springer Spaniel who dwells within Britain's famed and flourishing Lake District. His adventures see him galavanting around the rolling hills and making...

Pete the Vet Solves the Issue of Water & Dogs

Pete the Vet finds a wonderful solution to the all time pet peeve of dog owners, wet dogs and how to quickly dry and warm them without huge effort and bad dog odour. The Siccaro dog drying range provides great relief to dog owners and professionals who need to get dogs dry and healthy, quickly.

Kate Humble Reviews WetDog & WetDog Hunter

"My dogs spend a lot of time outside in all weathers. They are both rough coated and Badger, the small black and white mongrel, seems to have the sort of coat that is magnetic for mud! In the winter particularly, the utility room is usually full of soggy, muddy towels. The WetDog coats have changed all that. I was a bit sceptical about how effective they would be, but they work amazingly well - and quickly."

Your Dog Magazine UK – WetDog Review & Competition Winner

"The Siccaro WetDog drying robe has been as much of a treat for me as for her, as it lessens my housework! Think how much you enjoy snuggling into a bathrobe after a shower – it must seem pretty much the same for your dog." Your Dog Magazine

Danish Police Handler on Siccaro WetDog & FlexDog Mat

The products were the WetDog - a robe which dries wet dogs - and the FlexDog Mat - a super-absorbent mat for use in the cages. Our experience with both products was extremely positive. Using the robe, the dog was dried and warmed up in a short time, and it can be used several times during a shift as the inside of the robe is very absorbent.

Gift Idea for Dog Lovers With Everything

Shopping for the man or woman who has it all can be a pretty tough task. But if they are a dog owner who loves taking the best care possible of their prized pooch then we have a handy hint about something relatively new to the market! Last Christmas we were thrilled...