At the end of the Summer little we got some lovely fan mail from Germany from a swimming dog who has been using our robes for her regular swims to help with her hip problems.

It’s become more understood that dogs are prone to hip and joint issues. It’s definitely something to watch out for if your dog is limping and is apparently more common in dogs who are longer than they are tall.

The great news is that swimming is a great way for dogs to keep fit and stay healthy without having a lot of impact and pain on the joints. In the summer it is really easy to go to your local lake or beach for a swim and get some vitamin D and fresh air. In the Autumn and Winter there are many local dog water therapy centres or ‘doggy swimming pools’ – I like to call them – where you can have a warm and not too icy dip and get those little bodies moving and tails wagging. It’s important that you don’t get too cold after exercise because the muscles tense up and it can become even more painful on the joints if the muscles are seizing up and shivering.

This is where SICCARO has been really valuable to dog owners and water therapy centres where dogs are in and out of the pools and previously there had to be a number of towels needed for afterwards and then again to keep the car dry on the way home.

The lovely review came from Kathi Van, from Germany who wrote to us to say:

“Hey Guys,
I Love Our Supreme Pro Wet dog Robe. We used it all Summer almost Every day, due to bad hips Perla was swimming in the lake 3–6 days a week. because she also has some allergies, she always needed a clear water shower after that. Without our wet robe i would have had to dry her 2 times, using like 2–3 towels. With the Robe i only needed one for the car after swimming in the pond ??

Do you have a dog that needs regular water therapy? Or is just addicted to taking a quick swim in a pond or large puddle whilst out on walks. With the rainy Autumn season upon us we know they come into good use. It often takes 2-3 towels to dry your dog afterwards, especially in the winter time and to get them warm afterwards. We have so many advocates of our Supreme Pro because the work and they take the ‘work’ out of drying your dog.

Keep in mind that when you order the SICCARO Supreme Pro – it’s risk free. You can try it for up to 100 days and if you don’t think it lives up to your expectations then you go ahead and return it and get your money back. We know you’ll love it which is why you’ll be rest assured, just like Perla… <3