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We have launched a webshop for Denmark

Denmark is the birthplace of Siccaro, and in 2020 we have launched a store in our native country. It features all of Siccaro's classic products: SupremePro, Spirit and Splash drying coats, FlexDog mats and accessories. We have worked on making the design as sleek and...

Siccaro Supreme Pro Nominated for Product Innovation

We are very excited to announce that Siccaro Supreme Pro drying robe has been selected by the Pet Industry Federation as one of the nominees for the product innovation award. This seems like a good moment to talk about what is our innovation about. At Siccaro, we have...

In the Spotlight: Andy Cullen

When you come across people as humble and genuine as Andy Cullen it can be easy to forget the incredible successes he has worked hard to achieve. His humility and accomplishments are vast and even well commended. For example it isn't broadcasted on his home page at...

The Game Fair 2018

As we enjoyed our event last year at the Game Fair - you can see the video here - we decided to return this year and launch the new robe, with the help of our lovely friends at Sporting Saint who we'll be beside to partake in all the action and fun!

Medical Detection Dogs – Beating cancer one sniff at a time!

Last week we were incredibly excited to learn that our great friend Kate Humble would be attending Crufts 2018. It's always great to get in touch and see our celebrity friends, especially Kate who is such a wonderful advocate for canine friendship as well as...

2018 Events – UK

Let's start by saying that 2017 was SUCH an exciting year! Thank you all for your support and for following Siccaro. We had many new partnerships and collaborations which was wonderful. There are many new customers and SO much great feedback from people who have tried...

Dogs With Bad Hips – Perla Approves

It's become more understood that dogs are prone to hip and joint issues. It's definitely something to watch out for if your dog is limping and is apparently more common in dogs who are longer than they are tall. The great news is that swimming is a great way for dogs to keep fit and stay healthy without having a lot of impact and pain on the joints.

Top dogs give seal of approval to SICCARO

Police dogs are some of the most admirable and hardworking animals around. We've had a number of police dog handlers trial and review our range in the last year or so. The reviews and feedback have been so wonderful and we are really chuffed to have so many of these professional and hardworking dogs enjoying our fast drying range .

6 Signs of an Overheated Dog & What To Do

How do you tell if your dog is too hot? How should I prepare for an impending heatwave? There are many things to think about with a dog, especially those that have long coats. Here's a good run down of what you need to consider to help your dog through extreme heat.

Siccaro at UK Shows 2017

As the weather thaws and the paws get paddling, there's no better time than to get out and about in Spring weather. How are you all doing with ticks? We've caught a bundle after wet morning dewy walks. They get caught in our WetDog drying robes and the best part is we...