two dogs with Siccaro WetDog Robe walking with the owner

How the Siccaro Supreme Pro WetDog came to be...

My name is Lissen Marschall. I am CEO of Siccaro, which I founded in 2013.

The idea for the Supreme Pro drying robe came to me after I was researching superabsorbent material for use in professional hair salons and trying to find a solution to dry hair more quickly and more efficiently than the conventional towels and microfibre cloths.

After one and a half year’s development, I and my suppliers had found the recipe for a super-absorbent technical textile which can be reused, maintains its structure and did not produce lint. This super absorbent fabric technology is called Wet2Dry and it is now one of the cornerstones of our success because it can hold up to 11 times its weight in water!

I decided to quilt the Wet2Dry fabric together with a viscose terry towel made from organic bamboo in order to make the robe more solid and contribute extra absorbency. After a lot of testing and research, we have found that our Supreme Pro also reduces the pungent smell of wet dogs.

My father, Peter Marschall, who has spent most of his career developing and inventing products for animals (he is best known for the ‘Buster’ protective dog collar, which has become a global icon since it first went on sale in the mid-‘70s), devised a special buckle - the ClickLock system - which, is both light and ergonomic to fasten the robe perfectly. The next few months were spent refining the shape of the robe with the help of an expert seamstress so that it could fit most breeds of dog, and developing the different sizes (s-xxxl) - xs coming later following demand from owners of small dogs, as well as cat owners.

And so, Siccaro’s Supreme Pro WetDog dog drying coat was ready to be launched at a hunting trade fair in Denmark, in April 2014. Hunters were the first customers to embrace our new product, immediately realising the practical and health benefits it had for their working dogs, particularly during winter.


My Background

After many years working as a singer, actress and jeweller it is a real pleasure to work with people who share my interest and a passion for animals. Since we at Siccaro launched our first product, AirPad ICE - a saddle pad for Icelandic horses - at the end of 2013, it has been a source of great inspiration to meet so many passionate people who invest so much time to get the best out of their dogs or horses. To see them work, to see the results that come out of that work, is really impressive. Naturally, all these people have inspired us to continue to improve and update our products, as well as create entirely new ones.

My goal is to create functional solutions of a high quality to make it easier for dog and horse owners to face their everyday challenges. I hope we can continue to work with dedicated people who make high demands on us and the products we deliver, so that we can continue to produce and develop the best. That’s what makes it fun and challenging to work in this field, and it is of course fantastically motivating to hear the enthusiasm of our customers for our products. That feedback from our customers is our true yardstick for success

It is a pleasure to work with designers, seamstresses, distributors, logistics experts, PR people, and suppliers from around the world - a team in which all work together to produce, develop and market our products and keep the company’s wheels turning. It is remarkable how many people it takes to solve the challenges of producing the WetDog, and all are essential.

I personally choose all the people I work with, and I think that each of them contributes to the company with more than just a transaction - that’s important. Whether it is the mill which weaves my bamboo material, or the factory which supplies my felt, or Abaid in India who is responsible for making all of our distinctive Siccaro bags, everyone does their best to find out the needs of Siccaro and how best we can create a special product. And it is fun. I am much better at taking criticism when I have chosen the person who is offering it!

Unfortunately, I can not meet all of my retailers but I have great confidence that those I have chosen will help to get this important message out. If you sell our products, then you are a member of the growing Siccaro family and a super-important part of our company.


Logo and Name

The company name, Siccaro (pronounced to rhyme with fi-ga-ro), loosely translates from Latin as ‘to dry’ - a function shared by many of Siccaro’s products, whether used by dogs or horses. The product name was inspired by the problem it solved: WetDog. The Siccaro logo was designed by New York-based branding guru, Simone Fabricius, who, with elegant simplicity, incorporated the two animals our company’s services: dogs and horses. The eye-catching red colour symbolises energy and sportiness.

Siccaro icon
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